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A Beauty Making Fit by Five for Susan B. Anthony

Today's Fit by Five involves some interesting updates and content that arrived via newspaper and  email.

The first is about the Susan B. Anthony House. You'll be hearing more about Susan B. Anthony in this blog - until we set up the official Susan B. Anthony blog. This report came out of our local Democrat and Chronicle. Last week it was announced that a local woman bought the birth-house of Susan B. Anthony. From the article, which cites the new owner as Carol Crossed, "Cross hopes to turn the house into a museum highlighting Anthony's many causes, including her belief that abortion was wrong, she said." Susan_b_anthony_house_1

Admitting that Anthony's perspective was "much broader than that," Crossed also notes that while she owns the house, it will be used by Feminists for Life. A single mother with two daughters is planned to live in the house.

I have my opinions on this but will reserve them for another time. If you're interested in Susan B. Anthony, and supporting the Susan B. Anthony House located here in Rochester, where education is the new focus, visit this link. Susan B. Anthony lived here longer than she lived there - and she accomplished her outstanding, impressive acts of defiance here.

Next up is a note from Sunday's paper with this headline, "Firms try to crack glass ceiling for women." Oh please! Don't buy into this hype. It may sell papers but - women cracked the glass ceiling years ago - and when we were asked to clean up the broken glass, we realized we hadn't really made the strides we'd been hoping to make.

The article cites the usual stats, taken from this report at Catalyst, but I'm here to say - so what? Women today are not interested in this ancient 20th century problem. We're on our own. We do what we want, when we want, with whomever we want. Don't fall into this trap of trying to label us with those old perceptions. If we want a corner office, we'll get it. The truth is - few of us want it. The ones who do - achieve it. The rest of us are happy on our own. Believe it.

For our third note on the women's market, we turn to an email from Bath & Body Works. Seems they're planning to deliver "Instand Discounts on Mobile Phones." Great idea! Here's the quote, "We are excited about the prospect of connecting with our customers in this innovative new medium," so says their VP of Customer Marketing, Brian Beitler. This is not really all that new - but it's worth paying attention to. How many of YOUR customers would take advantage of coupons delivered via their mobile device? The number is probably bigger than you think.

Over at ReThink Pink, we have this outstanding article, "Booming Wealth forecast for Boomers." Wow! Can it be true? You bet it is! This is out of the UK, but the U.S. is keeping pace. Their Centre for Economics and Business Research "suggests that the number of millionaires in Britain - 376,000 today - will nearly double to 690,000 by 2010." Hello? Are you paying attention? What does this mean? It means women all over the world are going to have money to spend - and could be spending it with you. I love the pic on the web page - of a young woman sitting on her sofa with her laptop. She's shopping - oh yeah!

My last note concerns your reading list. Over at BtoB Online, our friend Debbie Weil has a mention for her Corporate Blogging Book. Good stuff. Have you got your copy yet? Are you blogging and making it count? Debbie is one of the people you should call, if your blog isn't returning a good ROB (return on blog). Or, you can call me. She's big business. I'm small business. What are you?

That's it for today. The women's market is ripe for holiday shopping now. Don't forget all the birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and such that we have to buy for. And, don't forget that we shop for other people more often than we shop for ourselves. Who are your customers buying for today?


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