A Moment of Silence for a Loved One
Lena West's Technology Diet: 2

I Will Remember Her Laughter

Still trying to come to grips with Leigh's death on Saturday. I tried writing a poem, but the words seemed dry and stale. I couldn't get a cadence - nothing I wrote worked.

I guess I can only say that I will remember her laughter. Leigh - the Leigh I knew, for such a short time - was overflowing with laughter. She had a big laugh that came straight from her belly. She might have been trying to convince herself that there wasn't anything to worry about, I don't know. I do know is that she was a vibrant woman - attractive, intelligent, and warm.

Much of what I know of her I learned from Chloe. The story of Leigh is one that has its creation in Chloe's thoughts and words. She would call and talk - just to have a moment to reflect, I think. Leigh was somewhat withdrawn, these last few months. Or, combative. When she wasn't attempting a false cheer. She was gradually forgetful, but so aware, it was painful. When Chloe would call, and I would listen, I often wondered what to say. Mostly, I didn't say anything. What was there to say? I wasn't there. I was removed from the tragedy, by a distance the was more than miles. The distance was in not knowing, exactly, what was really happening. And so, I would listen. And murmur, "I know," but of course, I didn't know.

Now...all I know is that the worst is over. For Leigh, for Chloe, for Leigh's husband, Chris. Will the healing will begin this weekend, at the funeral? I don't know.

Lena West's Technology Diet 2, will be up on Wednesday. I hope you'll have patience to wait for it. Meanwhile, if you would take a moment out of your day to say good-bye to a beautiful girl whose time came far too soon - I know Chloe and Chris will appreciate it.

When you hear happy laughter, think of Leigh. I know I will.


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