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In Women We Trust: A virtual book tour

Announcing a Virtual Book Tour. Mary Clare Hunt, author of In Women We Trust: A cultural shift to the softer side of business will be joining the bloggers listed here to talk about her new book, over the next two weeks. I hope you'll participate by visiting the blogs and leaving a comment - for the blogger or for Mary.

Deborah Brown - Deborah starts the tour off on Wednesday, August 23rd at Biz Informer. She's got some great questions for Mary. You need to hear the answers.

Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing. Watch for Toby's interview on August 25th - Toby is sure to uncover some fascinating insight. She's just that way.

Kirsten Osolind from reinvention blog picks up the tour on Monday, the 28th. Kirsten always looks at things from a woman's viewpoint. She's sure to share commentary no one else has.

Susan Getgood joins us later in the month, over at Marketing Roadmaps. Susan is a true professional. She calls it like it is - but she's fair and to the point. I'm curious about what she'll uncover in Mary's book. We'll pick up with Susan on the 30th - but her schedule may change. Tune in for updates.

Then, there's the excellent Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends. If you're not following Anita's blog, you're missing out on the best small biz business news around. She has already been in touch with Mary with specific questions. What do you suppose she asked? Look for the answers on the 5th of September.

There may be more bloggers added, as time goes on. The tour is scheduled to last as long as the bloggers last. If you're interested in participating, write me a note and tell me why we should include you and your blog in this virtual book tour.  Remember: In Women We Trust. It's not a state of mind or a marketing tagline - it's a fact of life.


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