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Marketing to women is a popular (read:hot) topic these days. These days being a relative term. It's been a hot topic for more than two years, with little let up in the attention it gets. Women are finally being recognized as the CEOs of not only the office supply cabinet (in many, many cases) but the President, Coach, Chief Operating Officer, and more of the household. We buy or influence the purchase of almost ALL goods and services in this country. It's common knowledge that women are now into electronics, that we do a lot of home remodeling, and that we are taking charge of our own finances. Women_and_electronics

When I discover - either through my own reading or because some kind soul has shared with me - news about a woman I know and admire, I have to share. And therein lies the main reason YOU should be marketing to women: because this is what we do. We help each other. We share. We shout out the good news - not just because it's good or because it's news, but because we're thrilled to support our sisters. (and that was what Blogher was all about.)

Kirsten Osolind is one of my best blog buddies. I have never met Kirsten face-to-face, but we converse via email on a regular basis. I often use Kirsten and her blog at re:invention inc. to show friends and clients what can be accomplished with a blog. I also point the ladies to it - for the truly valuable link list about women and women's issues, that Kirsten has.

Kirsten was quoted in the Chicago Tribune today, on being a woman owned business. The article, "Entrepreneurs become desirable slice of market," talks about big business "targeting women business owners ... because their prevalence and spending power is growing by leaps and bounds."

Appropriately, Kirsten talks relationship building, a term you hear often here at Lip-sticking. Women, more so than men, want that relationship. This means more than just good service. It means remembering her name, providing a play area for her kids if she has to wait for her appointment with you, and calling her back when she leaves a message. It's a "community oriented" mindset, and one that Kirsten knows well.

I recommend the article, and Kirsten's blog to all.

Before signing off today, I did want to also mention that Lip-sticking's recent interview with Ask Patty is being featured on the New Career Blog site. Obviously, Brian knows how to be community oriented, too! We're proud he found our Ask Patty interview worth showing on his automotive blog link. Thanks, Brian!


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AskPatty - Automotive Advice for Women

Great post Yvonne! Thanks for the mention.

Jody DeVere
Ask Patty, Inc.


It's so nice hearing about these things. I hope that there would be more people here in the Philippines who would be conscious of the way marketing to women is done.

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