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Let's Talk Kittens and Babies and Weddings

I received an email from my granddaughter over the weekend. Nothing gets a smile on my face faster than seeing a note from my Miah. Of course, I'm like every other grandmother - I dote on the precious Miah. She's my one and only, so far. You'll hear me talk... Read more →

Hot Moms Reach a Fork in the Road

Over at good friend Holly Buchanan's blog, Marketing to Women Online, is this link to an article which appeared in the Miami Herald back in May. The article is all about "Hot Moms." You got it right - HOT MOMS. According to reporter Ana Veciana-Suarez, "Today's hip moms aren't trading... Read more →

Marketing to Women - It's In!

Marketing to women is a popular (read:hot) topic these days. These days being a relative term. It's been a hot topic for more than two years, with little let up in the attention it gets. Women are finally being recognized as the CEOs of not only the office supply cabinet... Read more →

From Panic to Prosperity with Michelle Drake

Everyone Bloghered out? I hope not! I have LOTS more to write...over time. One does try to save the best for last. Before moving on to my announcement...I have to give Kudos to Jody DeVere of Ask Patty! You may remember I interviewed Ask Patty! (Jody) awhile back... Well, Jody... Read more →