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The Technology Diet Update I

by Lena L. West of The Technology Diet

I’d like to offer special thanks to Yvonne for the great interview and the grand Lakshmi_lena_west opportunity to reach out to Lipsticking readers every week. Update/sidebar: it was totally my fault that my post wasn’t here on Monday. I somehow misunderstood very clear instructions…eek! We all have those days. Sorry, Yvonne! :) [no harm done, Lena. We're glad you're on board.]

That said - I’d like to set the stage for my subsequent posts on Lipsticking by drawing from a question in my interview about the variations in how men and women approach technology.

In my interview I shared a story about one of my clients - a very intelligent woman who completely ‘crashes’ when it comes to technology and immediately launches into defeatist self-talk. Sad to say, she’s not our only female client who does this.

So, before I remove my Jimmy Choo’s and step onto my virtual soapbox here at Lipsticking, I’d like you to promise you’ll remain open to any and all new ideas, thoughts, reasoning and strategies – and you won’t make like a Windows PC and ‘crash’.

Now, I’m not asking you to be a technology expert but, I am asking you to check the technology victim role at my virtual door. If you promise to white-knuckle past the technology ‘scariness’, I promise you that I will show you how to think bigger, better and bolder about your business (and your life)...and I’m all about bigger, better and bolder! Deal?/span>

Next week, we’ll talk about podcasting because over the past few weeks, I’ve listened to some sorry excuses for podcasts and the distressing thing is there’s no reason for it!  Never fear, dear Lipsticking readers, you won’t fall into that trap because you’ll know exactly how to make your p’cast the bees-knees! (I’ve always wanted to say that…) Seriously, if you want a podcast – or want to get yours up to snuff – and you take my advice, your podcast will rock. Guaranteed.

Personal Responsibility Moment:

In what ways do *you* engage in defeatist, negative self-talk? What are those thoughts stopping you from doing/being/achieving? What’s your ‘payoff’ for thinking in this way? Do these thought patterns allow you to hide, not ‘show-up’ or goof off? Be honest…

P.S. I’d love to answer your technology questions (and there are NO stupid ones) so, get on in here and comment! If there are enough questions/comments about a particular topic, I’ll give you my expert viewpoint. If not, I'll continue to post about the topics I think are hot...don't say I didn't give you a chance to be in charge. :)

P.P.S. Thanks in advance for the warm welcome!


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Sharon Lamb

Just looking at smart women and marketing blogs and found this one. I write about girls and marketing, PACKAGING GIRLHOOD ( and write a bit about how the marketing to girls about technology depends on stereotypical notions of what girls like -- pink, Barbies, make-up, something I think is keeping girls thinking they're getting "girl versions" of techn while boys get the realy thing!



Thanks for the positive energy! There are women making great strides in IT...I'm glad someone see us! And, I agree with you...not only does society at large have to stop looking at the stereotypes but, as women, we have to stop feeding into them to!

Rock on,



Oh wow! This is something great. I will bookmark this and also blog about this link. I really like it when there are women who talk about tech and culture. It is still stereotypically a man's world, sort of. But I think that more and more women are in the IT industry, not just as HR or marketing personnel. There are also women developers. It's just that we have to stop looking at the stereotypes :)

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