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Boomer Women Rock the Fashion World!

Boomer Women Rock! The Fashion World Takes Note!
                           Retail starts to GET IT!

Clicked in to my Marketing Daily at MediaPost today and was greeted with the news that Boomer Women Steal Spotlight During Fashion Week!

This is good news for ladies of a certain age. WE never bought that dowdy, frowdy, housecoat and hairculers image the fashion world tried to slap on us, anyway. We're women from the trenches. We grew up in the riotous sixties of that previous Dick and Jane century - when marketing to women (no online back then!) meant hitting the afternoon soaps with - soap commercials!

This article talks up movie icon Sharon Stone - who boasts a big 48 years to her credit. (well...that's not REALLY boomer - but, it's on the edge, so we'll take it). Madonna is mentioned, too. They're showing the world that boomer women are fabulous. We're sexy. We're hot! We're energetic, we're attractive and leggy, we're curvy, very much like the models you see in the Victoria Secrets ads, the JC Penney ads, or the Spiegel ads (I have a bone to pick with Spiegel - but that's another story, for another time). Boomer women grabbed the world by the tail back when we were kids - and we haven't let go, folks!

Let me show you what the world is finally figuring out. According to Sarah Mahoney, who wrote the article at MediaPost, "This year, however, everyone from W omen's Wear Daily to Vogue is talking about older women, like 48-year-old Sharon Stone, who just bumed the 20-year-old Olsen twins as spokesmodel for designer Badgley Mischka, or 47-year-old Madonna's ads for hip retailer H&M."

On to mention of Forth & Towne, a GAP chain for the over 35 crowd - with new ads they've dubbed, "The Chic Revolution Begins."

I invite you to hop over to the article and learn a little something about marketing to women. LaughinghensbookMarketing to Boomer Women with $$$.

Now, if these big fashion houses would just get with it, like Dove, and get some REAL boomer women - you know, like you and me - they could see sales go skyhigh. To that end, I have to say Katie Couric is more my taste in a boomer woman fashion diva. I am still holding out on whether or not she's a solid news anchor, but she does represent me, and the women I know, in fashion, style, and appearance - more than Sharon Stone, Madonna, or Christie Brinkley.

Wake up world - boomer women come in all shapes and sizes, and we spend LOTS of money on your products! Get some REAL women to represent us in your ads.

Ladies? [visit this link to see more Laughing Hens books]


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Maryam Webster

Well I'm 46 and still hotter'n a pistol, if you ask my S/O. And speak of which, that's why the fire-engine-red-orange-and-yellow spiky hair, Yvonne ("performance art hair" - I love it!). I've done with corporate, am at that comfortable-and-spreading-out age and am going to dress how I damn well please. I please to dress like the earth mama I am with a dash of red chili on top. I used to have a song I sang on days off when I could pull off the pantyhose and heels (both developed by male sadists, I'm convinced)and slip into some muzzily worn and comfy flannel jammies. To the tune of "Day-O"

Home clothes, me say home clothes
Daylight come and me wearin' home clothes!

Tie-dyed t-shirt and green car-di-gan!
Daylight come and me wearin' home clothes

Well, you get the idea. I would sing this to my kitty while prancing around my house in an ecstasy of comfort, while cleaning up. Any amount of cleaning can be borne if I am but in Home Clothes. These by the way come replete with moth holes, sweater pills, mended rips and frayed cuffs. And I would never wear them out of doors. That's why they're Home Clothes and I will never - ever - grace the pages of Vogue.

MUAHAHAHAHA! That's the sound of either senility or ecstasy enjoying the hell out of itself. And at this point, it's all about the same thing anyway. Being over-forty is so cool I could just pee myself, and it's only getting better the more years that pass. Wouldn't be twenty again if you paid me. Even Sharon Stone, with her missing bits of brain agrees with me on that.

Go Boomer Beeyotches, go!

Yvonne DiVita

Indeed, Mary. I look at you younger boomer girls as kids. To your credit - you all act and look like kids, kids I admire, btw. Your comment re:singles is worth contemplating. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, as they say. I'm lucky - I have Mr. Wonderful now, but...I was a happy single a few years ago. Cause 'single' is not synonymous with 'bad' - but society would have us think so.

Hey, let's start a single-women marketing campaign for boomers! Could be fun!

Mary Schmidt

Actually, Yvonne - The "boom" ran through 1964. As a fellow boomer (and almost the exact same age as Ms. Stone) - I love that we're finally coming into our own. I'd be even happier if Ms. Stone hadn't apparently spent way too much time with botox.

Now, if the companies who market to "singles" will recognize us "extremely single" women boomers and not wrap everything around scrambling to find a mate (Oh dear Lord! I'm alone, I'm alone!) - then we'll see some really interesting marketing!

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