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Short list of good places to visit today.

This one came via email from Dane Carlson, one of my first blogger buddies. I'm impressed with Chuck's creative thinking. Wouldn't it be great if we all just contributed one book? See what it's all about at Work at Home Business Opportunities.

Ala Dane's blog, I found this great site that is almost female-friendly. They make one (big) mistake - and for a site aimed at Grandma, it's a doozy. See if you can figure out what it is.

Naturally, the best is saved for last. Check out this conference being held in London, focused on Women in Technology. Make sure you stop over at Where the Women Want to Work. There's a big list of orgs "advancing women." Not to be outdone, we have one stateside with Women In Technology. October, CA. Be there!


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Well, the only mistake I saw right away on the Grandma Pants site was the small, light-weight font on a darkish, busy background.

Hard to read for anyone with aging eyes (say, more than half the population), or mild-to-severe color blindness (10% of the male population), or just an objection to bad design. :-)

The main column should be a solid color with good contrast text - the information is for the user, not the designer's ego.

Still a cool site, with a good product, though.

Chuck Huckaby

Thanks for the link back and getting the word out about this littlel project to help people have a fighting chance at getting their lives back without hurting others for a change!

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