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Know Which Side of the Bread Your PR is On

by Guest Blogger, Lena West


Today I am quoted in an article in The Wall Street Journal in the special small business technology section in an article called "Getting Attention in a New Media World" (once you click, scroll down). When I was first approached some months ago, the reporter told me that the article would be available online...but she stressed that it would also be available in print.  I explained that I prefer being quoted or featured in online articles for various reasons. She sounded a bit shocked and explained to me that many business owners don't "get that nuance".  The nuance she's referring to is the ability to understand that being quoted in an article that will only be released online is infinitely preferable to an article that will be released in print only.

Online articles are often seen as print articles' illegitimate step-cousin. What a lapse in judgment! Here's why:

  1. Print articles are only 'news' until someone tosses the paper in the old round file or the next day - whichever comes first. Once an article is online, it's there forever. It's indexed and added to Google's searchable cached files and even added to The Way Back Machine.
  2. Print articles DON'T increase your search engine ranking. When you are quoted in an article that appears online, 9 times out of 10, they include a link to your web site. This increases incoming links to your site from a popular source. It increases the number of times your company name is mentioned online.  All of this directly and indirectly affects your search engine rankings...and that's a good thing!
  3. It's HELL to quickly and easily spread the word about a print-only article. I don't know about you but, I am seriously averse to any mass communication requiring paper and stamps. Sharing the hot news about an online article is as simple as firing up your email and sending a link. No reprint rights 'dance' necessary.

Obviously, both print and online will give you the best of both worlds. But, if a reporter ever contacts you and says that the story will only be released online. Rejoice - because now you know.

One of the reasons that The Wall Street Journal contacted me was to get the latest scoop (none of this been-there-done-that stuff) on how small businesses can really use technology to drive online PR. We cover online marketing and PR in a very *real* way for 2 whole weeks of the 8-week Technology Diet program. We've just selected new dates for the Fall Intensive - and we're still offering it at the reduced price. (Call us crazy...) The group is limited to 20 - and I'm quite sure that the WSJ coverage will eat away quite nicely at the available spaces. So, hesitate not! (Thanks, SFB.)


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