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The Tipping Point for Blogs?

It's a blog world, after all. It's a blog world, after all. It's a blog world, after's a blog, blog world.

Got it? Is the tune to, "It's a Small World" going through your head? It should be.

Blogs are big right now. Big enough to command a lot of media attention. Seems like every newsletter and blog I read has something recent about the power of blogging.

Because that's true - and because this blog serves to inform and educate on marketing to women online, I offer a collection of links from media, blogs, and more - all offered to help you connect with your market (that's women, right?) successfully.

First - my friend Michele Miller, over at WonderBranding, has some good questions about the whole marketing to women thing. Hop over and give her some answers - and share them here, too.

Second, Suzanne Falter-Barns, over at Get Known Now Blog, is offering affiliate programs for her Fill Your Groups program. This isn't geared just to women, of course, but - since stats show that women are opening up new businesses faster than men, you might want to check out Suzanne's offer and get connected.

Third, Mediapost shows that KB Toys is getting it: "KB Toys Targets Grandparents Shopping For The Holidays"... So says the article, "The program gives grandparents who shop on Tuesdays a 10 percent discount. Tuesday is typically the chain's slowest day, [according to Geoffrey Webb, director of advertising and sales at KB], "which means grandparents can get more attention from the associates," Webb said. The Rewards Club, which also includes some couponing, increased sales "four to five times in some cases," he added."

Here's another little bloggy tidbit - I say bloggy because I discovered it via the blogosphere (a friend sent me a link that took me here...where the center column is trying to be a blog - but, it isn't. (long patient). Anyway, it's Halloween oriented and if you haven't already prepared your Halloween promotions - well, you're too late. Better to just start humming jingle bells.

Last, but certainly not least, I have an important announcement - I recently started writing a new blog. It's a sponsored blog. But, it's my blog - for the most part. The blog is called Scratchings and Sniffings. Check out my latest post: Photo Opps. If you're inclined, join the conversation. I'm eager to hear your thoughts on it.

Meanwhile, blog on!


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Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused with what to do or how to do it. Thanks for laying it out so it is clear. Good Post!


Great new blog - congratulations!

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