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Wedding Count Down...Day 1

The wedding nears! On Thursday of this week Tom and I drove to Buffalo to see my Maggie. Maggie and I went to the bridal shop for her final fitting. WOW! I can't believe how beautiful she's going to look in that amazing wedding dress. I was there when she picked it out, but...somehow, I'd forgotten how gorgeous it is. And, now that she's lost so much weight - she has been true to Weight Watcher's for over a year - she looks like a new person.

The wedding is October 8th. I can't wait!

Meanwhile, however, there is work to be done and blog posts to write and all manner of projects to complete. Over at WME Books, Mary's book is doing nicely - and she just got a GREAT write up at Wayne Hurlbert's Blog Business World. Check it out.

Our Federal Labor and Employment Law book is also doing nicely, at the University level. It's more than a book for students studying employment law, though. It's a great reference for small business owners and managers. You can check it out for yourself here, if you like.

I think I've been remiss in not mentioning an absolutely delightful book that came out recently. All of you folks who scuba dive need to look at this book: PJ Ryan's Lovers Log. Here's the skinny on that:

Where was you first encounter?
In Cozumel? At 33 feet? On a beach?
Lovers Log is designed to bring creativity, fun,
and humor to the one life experience you may enjoy more than diving!

Log your loving memories (while they're still vivid)
and track your progress toward becoming a certified Master Lover Instructor.
(sea page 5 to begin your ascent)

PJ is such a joker!

To keep your appetite alive for great content, for the kind of stuff that makes you go hummm... Here's a suggestion to visit Dick Richard's blog, Come Gather Round, where this post on "When Will I Know My Purpose?" is dynamite! You may remember that Dick is the author of "Is Your Genius at Work?" a book I highly recommend.

For "When Will I Know My Purpose"... he says, "Two questions about life purposes have nagged at me for some time: Why does knowledge of purpose arrive for some but not for others? What determines when it will arrive?" Pretty profound. He begins to answer those questions by writing,

  • Your purpose is not to be invented. It is, rather, to be discovered, detected or revealed.
  • Your purpose is directed outward.
  • If you know your purpose, you can be more intentional and effective in fulfilling it.
  • Purpose gives focus to a life.
  • I hope you'll hop over and read the rest. It's worth sharing.Joyful_jubilant_learning

    And, because I won't get to this blog again before Tuesday, I ask that you stop over at  Rosa Say's Talking Story blog, where the month long Joyful, Jubilant Learning is going on. Rosa has the most outstanding writers and business managers on the net offering key insights every day on her blog. I am proud and delighted to say my blog post is set to be live on Monday, September 25th. I purposely wrote about failure - from Lee Thayer's viewpoint - because I've been spending a lot of time reading his work, lately. Lee, for those who don't know, is a management consultant, a leadership trainer, and an all-around wild and crazy guy - who loves to provoke folks because it makes them think.

    Watch for Lena's Technology Diet on Monday, and come back Tuesday for an important announcement!


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    It certainly is coming up fast! I will be walking Jory down the aisle the day before. What a weekend for us mothers, huh? I'll be thinking about you and your beautiful Maggie...and hoping her day is special in every way. I'm speaking at Jory's ceremony...cripes, could there be enough pressure....or kleenex? I DON'T THINK SO! Hugs to you always...looking forward to some wonderful pictures...

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