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buy dove online

The transformation was really fabulous! But the thing is, is that really its services?



Yes, I'm in complete agreement with my Mother and Lena - THANK YOU DOVE! I think I've conformed to buy everything Dove, just because of this ad. As a Mother raising an 8 year old girl, I continuously worry about the affects she will feel from the pressures that surround her. Pressures that have multiplied two fold, if not more, since I was 8…which I’d like to think was not that long ago!

It’s amazing how at such a young age the perception of your physical appearance becomes important, not just from the teasing that goes on at school towards the kid with glasses, or the kids who are a little bit heavier than the average, but of the kids who are not wearing the most trendiest clothes, who do not arrive every year with a not only a *new* lunchbox and backpack, but a *cool* lunchbox and backpack. Not only is the world starting to apply pressure on thin and pretty, but on trendy and expensive. More toys, more clothes, perfect hair, trendy accessories, and things I didn’t come to really care about until I was 18 are now important a whole decade earlier.

I hope the latest events – Madrid refusing extremely underweight models, Dove exposing the “touch up” clause in every models contract – will result in a movement towards reality. It would be wonderful to raise children in a world and environment that is real. Real definitely out numbers perceptive reality, so let’s show what real is!

Lena L. West


Kudos to you for putting a link to the video up. I know all about re-touching, etc but I was shocked (!) when I saw the level of retouching that's done. I, for one, had NO idea. WOW!


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