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Fit by Five before Election Day

If I took the time to write about all of the outstanding content that comes my way, I'd be a slave to this blog. That's not my goal in life - to allow technology to command so much of my time that my eyes glaze over and I grow computer cables out my ears.

Today, though, I do have great content to share. It's great in a variety of ways - and all of it relates to marketing to women (online or off). I'm not going to get into the details on how to use this information to reach your women customers - by now, you should be creative enough to figure that out. I will try to do more blog and website reviews in 2007, though. To help you get your gray matter around what works online and what doesn't. Girltalk_1

Today's Fit by Five - before Election Day:

1. This in from my blogger friend Vaspers the Grate: 3 Business Models that Always Work for Everybody. There is good advice there, not the least of which is: give your stuff away for free! Go read his post to learn how that works as a business model. And, take a gander at this link on website usability, which I couldn't resist clicking. Note to women's groups: YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

2. Good friend and blogger, Ask Patty, was quoted in the NY Times recently. Title of the article? "What Do Women Want?" [they could have asked me, but...I'm not on their radar <big sigh> - which is all the more reason women like Jody of Ask Patty need to be!]

Jody is quoted saying, “The main difference is that women are beginning to understand their purchasing power... They are now beginning to demand better treatment and have gotten their voice.” Whoohoo! You go, Patty! 'Voice' has been a favorite topic in a number of circles, lately. Of and by women - including my local Women in Communications chapter. We're big into discovering our voices and being heard.

3. New price comparison site Wize caught my eye this week. Just in time for the holidays. I like the easy navigation and the options. Watch for more detailed info when I interview an executive at Wize. [And they have a blog - how kewl is that? To the writers of said blog: you're a bit formal. Lose the right-hand justification, it smacks of corporate America and stuffy boardrooms where the likes of Enron folks hang out. Eeewww!]

4. A recent report from BIG Research reveals valuable insight into comparitive shopping:

BIGresearch Media Consumption Clusters Ranked By % Who Comparative Shop Online (Non-Auto)

  1. Independent                 37%
  2. Opportunity Minded          19%
  3. New Mediacs                 14%
  4. Persuadables                12%
  5. Simultaneous Readers         8%
  6. Old School                   6%
  7. Active Explorers             4%
  8. Ravenous                     1% 

"The Independents typically rank lowest overall in their media consumption habits, while Opportunity Minded consumers score much higher. However, this new data provides valuable evidence on how to reach the low media consumption group of Independents," said Joe Pilotta , VP of Research for BIGresearch. [Visit their When Customers Talk blog to learn more.]

5. Last, but surely not least, is this announcement from a new site called, Helium. It purports to be a consumer-generated content site and it looks pretty impressive. I haven't gone deeply into it to find out how for-real it is, but I think it's worth exploring. Blog-buddy Susan Getgood has some thoughts on this new type of posting - check out Marketing Roadmaps and see if you agree. Meanwhile, this recipe for Halloween Pumpkin Moose really makes my mouth water! --- [I have to admit that this smacks of an earlier attempt to pay writers .10 on the dollar to create good content for a website. I used to belong to such a site - I earned a few dollars here and there; nothing to write home about. The site eventually folded because the writers were sending friends and family to click on their article - to earn their measly .10 and the website founders weren't making any money at all.]

As usual, your thoughts are encouraged. Would you join a pay per post site? Have you already? How much does it pay?


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I will check Helium, but for now let me say that Pay Per Post is blog whoring.

Paid enthusiasm is insincere, opportunistic therefore discredited, especially in the blogosphere with its core values of authenticity, [genuine, unpaid] passion, and transparency.

"If they're transparent, paid buzz agents are legit" is wrong.

If you're paid to say nice things, I don't want to hear it, even if the nice things are true.

I want to hear someone who just finished using Product X and I want to know how it really solved Problem Y.

What if your significant lover told you he/she was paid to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, paid to express romantic sentiments, that, while true, were providing income to him/her?

Artificial word of mouth, IMHO, bad for both companies who sponsor it and customers who have to filter out such exploitive, mercenary marketing ploys.


In the article you link to, your blogger friend mentions Arrington by name, the author of - "The arguments being made by some of the big A-list bloggers (Calcanis, Arrington) seem a little weird."

She is very specifically referring to a company called PayPerPost that Arrington has covered very often on his blog. See here for example.

She is not referring to a "generic" concept of getting paid to write articles.

Yvonne DiVita

I beg to disagree. Helium is very much like the site I belonged to years ago - and resembles Pay per post so much, I, personally, cannot see the difference. In the pay per post sites I know of, there is not always a connection to a prodcut or service. I know people doing pay per post that just write about 'stuff'.

These are both controversial, to my mind. I don't mean to belittle or discount either one - I think they have their place. However, I have serious doubts that either model will ever make money for the writer.

I welcome input proving me wrong.


While both Helium and PayPerPost sites may earn money for the writer, there are some very major differences between them.

Helium allows anyone to write an article on any topic they have an interest in...whatever that might be...and in return if that article is of quality and draws a decent amount of page views, you'll get paid a share of the advertising revenue earned into perpetuity, regardless of what the article is about.

PayPerPost is very different. This is where companies pay bloggers to write specifically about their product and in return they will pay them a one-time nominal amount of money. This is self-promotion, and a controversial marketing tactic.

Helium is a place for good subjective content on things like recipie's for Halloween Pumpkin Moose or choosing between a plasma and LCD television. Try not to lump these very different concepts together.

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