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Girl Talk on How to Take 10

This interview was scheduled for days and days ago! Well, we talked about having Rory's Take 10 Now focus be presented in October, and it's still October, right? But, I had hoped to have this interview appear closer to her wonderful web launch date, which was October 10th. Click over to Entelekey and see what it's all about. Very fascinating!

Rory is a fine example of being female-friendly, where that embraces all genders - because her focus (along with her co-founder at Entelekey) is in creating clear direction. See what she says about Take 10 Now:

Yvonne: Your article in Entrepreneur says the key to success in starting a business is having a "system that provides clear direction." If you're a start-up, isn't it hard to know what a "clear direction" is? Can you explain.

Rory: A ‘clear direction’ means having a long term vision for yourself and your business. For example if you are climbing Mount Everest and you are at the bottom, you may not know exactly when you will have to shift to the left or right, or even back track, but you will always know that you are climbing to the summit. We work with people to establish that ideal vision, the one they are shooting for, and then to put it aside and focus on the steps in front of them.

The long term direction can change, especially in a start-up, but you need to start somewhere and just get moving.

So ‘clear direction’ means first, having a future goal that is solid in your mind, and second, having a clear “Next Step” to take toward that goal.

Yvonne: I relate to the "lack of inertia" part of the article, too. Is this as common as it seems? We get ideas, we get started...then we stop?

Rory: Yes, it is a common phase of the process of putting a plan into action. Just as we breathe in and out, so our efforts have natural cycles and rhythms. The key is knowing whether the lack of movement is something to be concerned about because you need to shift courses, or simply something to move through. That’s why the Take 10!system is so wonderful, because you can always take one little step and see what happens.

Yvonne:I know many, many advisors and coaches - [do you describe yourself as a coach?] - say "find your best fit" or something similar. I find that most people don't have a clue what their best fit is - how do you advise those people?Rory_take_10_now

Rory: In essence, yes, we are coaches, in terms of how we facilitate people to move beyond self-imposed limitations, including limitations of thinking, that tend to hold them back.

Unlike many coaches that we know of, we are living the principles that we preach. We apply the system to our own lives, in every area of our lives, and are constantly looking to be on our edges, to move beyond our comfort levels into what is possible for us.

It is true that many of us don’t know what our ‘best fit’ is. That’s because we tend to operate within the boundaries of what we think is true. Within those boundaries our choices and vision of what is possible can be limited. e facilitate people to move beyond those boundaries, something that is difficult to do without support, to discover their entelekey, that vital force that lies within.

We all have an entelekey, in fact we all have several, and once we learn to identify and distinguish that vitality, creating a life that gives full expression becomes simpler.  It becomes a matter of creativity and expression, rather than fitting into a peg of someone else’s creation.

Yvonne: 10 minutes isn't very long...can you share some thoughts on how to get a business started in only 10 minutes!

Rory: Sometimes the mere act of getting started is the most difficult for people. Their minds overwhelm them with all the things they need to do just to get started. That’s what overwhelm is, the perception that there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. People respond to overwhelm with a lack of inertia, just doing nothing at all. Taking 10 minutes, though it isn’t a lot of time, is enough to break the spell and get things moving.

In reality, everything we do can be broken down into small steps, we just don’t tend to think of it that way.

Yvonne:Your pictures on the website (link) are wonderful. I see two sparkling smiles, two ladies who like what they do, and two energetic women that are on the road to success! Am I seeing correctly - or was this just a photo-shoot? Are you really full of so much energy it comes through the camera?

Rory: Well thank you, Yvonne, we’re glad you ‘get’ it just from the pictures! The light you are seeing comes from the fact that each of us is living our entelekey, following our own system, and so there is a natural vitality that shines out.

This isn’t to say that our lives are struggle-free. Our lives have challenges as all of ours do: major illnesses, divorce, financial insecurity and debt, raising children, serial disappointments, in a word: life. It’s just that we know how to tap into our inner wisdom and strength, how to keep the end in mind while focusing on the small steps, and how to take care of ourselves and each other as we move gracefully through life’s challenges.

Yvonne: Why should readers of Lip-sticking stop over at Take 10! When they get there - what do you want them to do?

Rory: Your readers should visit our site at if they have a Someday Dream that has been on hold for one reason or another. When they get there, they should read about entelekey and what that means, and they will understand the correlation between their Someday dream and what it is trying to tell them about fulfilling their own purpose, getting through a challenge, getting clarity on direction, or just some help putting some of Lip-sticking plans into action.

We want them to buy the book and to sign up as a member and get on the free monthly coaching calls.

In short, we want them to be working now on their Someday Dreams, so that their inner vitality shines through. The whole world is waiting for each of our unique expression.

Yvonne: What got you started on this approach? What other products do you plan on, in the future?

Rory: We have all been involved in personal and professional development and growth for many, many years. The system was developed in response to our hearing from clients, friends and family: "I wish I could….but I just don’t have the time." We wanted to create a system for getting started and keeping moving on those someday dreams that we knew were starving to be expressed.

We have a long list of products waiting to be born. These include an interactive DVD, a facilitator’s guide, as well as other products geared toward specific someday dreams. We also have started a line of audio products, ten minute guided visualizations on things like “Preparing Powerfully for a Public Presentation” and “A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation” all done in 10 minute chunks.

If your readers have ideas for things that would help them to achieve their Someday Dreams we would love to hear about it. We are open to ideas, joint venture offers, coaching and speaking engagements of all kinds.

Yvonne: I'm listening to your audio message right now. It's not something folks should listen to during a hectic email exchange! Is it advisable to put work away and concentrate on the message? I wasn't tuned in to what you meant by "guided meditations" so...I think I missed the benefit. Maybe - I should lie down when I'm listening. Yes?

Rory: Yes! These guided images are designed to get you to take 10 minutes just to focus on the one area that you are attempting to see a shift in. So you don’t have to lie down, but certainly avoid multitasking. Even those of us with the busiest schedules have 10 minutes, that’s why the system works so well. We are encouraging you to take just 10 minutes for yourself and your dream.

Some of the audio visualizations are designed to be played while you are doing other things, like the ones that have you repeating affirmative statements over and over. But in general, use these ten minutes to focus and to slow down.

Yvonne: In this gigantic (albeit - flat) world we all live in, where there is danger around every corner (someone trying to steal your ideas, kidnap your thoughts, or trample your self-esteem), how many 10-minute sessions per day should one engage in? And what would you say to listeners who think it sounds too much like self-indulgence?

Rory: That is an interesting question, and a fabulous way to put it. First we would say that we need to do another interview on our thoughts on self-care and why it is not only NOT self-indulgence, but is CRITICAL to our living at our peak energy potential.

That said, here is a question for your question. How much do you want to see your life shift? If things in that dangerous, flat world you described where working perfectly, people wouldn’t be reading these words. Just as the folks at Lip-sticking are challenging the dominant marketing concepts, we are challenging the kind of thinking that has gotten us all into this frenetic and fearful state, where we can’t even imagine taking 10 minutes for ourselves without feeling negatively self-indulgent.

It is impossible to do everything we want to do in a day. It is impossible to control everything that happens in our lives. Where true freedom lies is in making conscious choices about how we respond to what life hands us and how we use the precious time we are allotted this go round.

Yvonne: Share some action items - steps, if you will - that we can all take to get what we want, in only 10 minutes.

Rory: For most business owners, taking ten minutes a day for two weeks just to sit and think about the business, its direction, what is working and what isn’t….basically planning time, that would have an amazing impact.

Taking 10 minutes that makes you feel good about yourself, like writing a letter on a political issue you care about, calling a friend, going for a walk, anything that uplifts your energy.

People are trying to have something, to attain a material thing, the perfect relationship, the perfect body, the successful business, but truly what we are all seeking is the experience of joy and vitality, of security and freedom. The key is to shift from placing your eyes on the external thing, and focus on the experience that thing would give you. And then, take your ten minute action step from there.

If you are trying to be successful, but are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the action steps you take are likely to be less effective. Anything you can do in 10 minutes to give you the inner experience you are looking for will help you when you go to do the other actions for your business throughout the day.

If there were more people devoting ten minutes to that every day, to focusing on the experiences they want to be having, right here and right now, we’d all be a lot happier and healthier.


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