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How to Vote: Pollstir First

I don't know about you, but I find voting a chore. No matter how much I try to keep up on the issues - I feel left out, uninformed, and sometimes, dupped. TV commercials are useless. Every election brings out the worst in our officials running for office. The negative tirades abound.

One politician calls another one a cheat, giving the "cheater" a chance for a rebuttal that just echoes the first guy's dirty comments. "He's so bad," and, "I'm not." Followed by, "He said I was bad, but...boy, is he ever really, really bad." Replace 'he' with 'she' where appropriate. The down and dirty negative campaigning is not gender-specific.

I relate to this paragraph from a page on "Winning, but losing" at Stanford University, "Public regard for politicians has sunk to an all-time low; by wide margins, Americans believe that governmental institutions inflict more harm than good on their collective well-being. The more the campaign rages, the less we seem to respect and like any of its contestants, or even the contest itself."

I don't vote party, although I'm a registered Democrat. I don't vote gender, although I lean towards women. I don't vote issues, either - because I don't trust any politician to really follow through on his or her platform issues. Not that they all lie - as the saying goes - but that during an election year, they'll say anything they think we voters want to hear, whether they really mean it or not. (and whether they can do anything about it, or not - that's something I struggle with: how effective can this guy or gal really be?)

Enter Pollstir from Seeds of Growth [more on Seeds of Growth in a future post].

Here's a great solution to the should I vote or not, question. Yes, I know - the question is: WHOM should I vote for, not, should I vote. Of course you should vote. Everyone who is eligible should vote. But, not blindly.

Here's what Joe Free over at Seeds of Growth says about getting ready to vote,

"At this time of year in the United States there is a massive amount of marketing going on. Political marketing. Email in-boxes and physical mail boxes alike are stuffed with glossy literature spinning their own story.

My wife saves all of the mailings in a big pile. Then we take the time to go through them, sort them out and try to decide who to believe. We invariably call a couple of people more involved, that we trust, to tell us how they are going to vote. We put it all together and then head off to the polls.Pollstir

Recent years have been even more difficult as the number of propositions has grown. You want to make the right decisions on those, but often don't have any reliable information."

I couldn't agree more. But, I couldn't think of a solution. Joe Free and his brother Dave did that for me when they developed Pollstir. So, I hopped over to Pollstir and wow, am I impressed. It's word-of-mouth with teeth! And, it's FREE! I feel as if I can make an informed, wise choice now. Instead of just closing my eyes and blindly pulling levers. (no, I never did that but if often felt as if I was).

This is a neat tool. Share and share alike.


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What a great idea. I'm with you, I'm never sure if voting for a person will give me the results I want, but voting for an issue makes me feel like I am part of the process. This is like holding my own primarys for proposals.

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