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PINK is IN! Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October, for the uninformed, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I expect most of you know that - or, are somewhat aware of it. This year marks year 21 in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness focus. There is a LOT going on around the net - much of it worth checking out and using to your advantage.

Marketing Daily, at Mediapost, has a great article citing events with Kroger, Campbell Soup, and BMW, among others. This one really got me: "Here's a new one: Consumers can fly in a pink plane, just unveiled by Delta, to generate more awareness for breast cancer. (Delta will sell $2 pink lemonade for the entire month.)" Kewl!Breastcancer_1

More content for your perusal - "Why Is The Pink Ribbon So  Durable?" (may require free registration) says, "For companies, the benefits are obvious: A PRWeek/Barkley Evergreen Cause Survey found that 79 percent of corporate marketers who engage in cause marketing achieved an enhanced relationship with target consumer demographics, 74 percent reported a positive PR result, and 61 percent saw an increase in donations to the non-profit organizations."

This just in from a client who is building a great new blog (announcement forthcoming), from Senior Print Media Group (SPMG), Boomer Women are it! Of course, we know that, don't we? I sometimes think I hit you over the head with baby boomer information a little too much - but, look at some of these stats:

  • The 50+ market buys 80% of all luxury travel.
  • In less than a decade Boomers will comprise 52% of all the grandparents in the U.S.
  • Grandparents are the ideal targets for family vacations, financial services..., computer software/magazines/books...all types of children's goods...

I'd not be doing a proper job if I didn't remind you to check out the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business, according to this CNN report. We all know who they are - well, who the top 10 are. Repeat after me, "Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo, Anne Mulcahy, Xerox, Meg Whitman, eBay, ..." and on until you get to Oprah, who is #8 this year.

Why can't CNN/Fortune and Forbes get with it and do a story on the REAL powerful women - the Moms and Grandmoms of these ladies? I'd like to read a story about those women. Because these women (in the top 50 or 100) wouldn't be who they are, but for their Moms (yes, and Dads, too). Good or bad, their parents had a lot to do with their role in life today.

Interestingly, over at Forbes, there's a survey on when you think we'll elect a woman president here in the U.S. It looks promising...I'm intrigued. What do YOU think?


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