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The Power of the W in Women

"One thing they never tell you about child raising is that for the rest of your life, at the drop of a hat, you are expected to know your child's name and how old he or she is." - Erma Bombeck

As I was editing one of Lee Thayer's leadership books (he has several in the works with us at WME Books), I came across the quote above and it set me laughing. I thought I was a bad mother for needing to stop and THINK about those things, when asked. Birthdates, names, ages, music preferences - just because they're my kids, doesn't mean I know any of it - at the drop of a hat. Thank you, Erma, for setting the record straight on that.

In the last few months business has been changing at our company. We are doing more blog building than book development, though the books are still a strong focus. It just seems that blogs have finally hit a tipping point and we are poised to take advantage of that. In fact, we're in the midst of strategizing several new blogs (some associated with books, others not), and we're open to taking on more. Keep that in mind, if you're a blogger who would like help improving your blog and blog presence, or if you are not blogging yet but are thinking about it.

Stop over at my newest venture, Scratchings and Sniffings, if you get a chance. You'll see a big difference - that's a pet sponsored blog (by Purina) written for entertainment purposes, compared to this blog, which exists to talk about marketing to women online. In a few days I'll be announcing our newest blog client - and I know you're going to want to visit his blog. Think: bling, bling!

With that - let's talk marketing to women online. Let's talk about the power of W - where W stands for WE and WOMEN and WHY. In other words, WHY is marketing to WOMEN a WE activity?

Women are not solitary creatures. We do things in pairs and groups. That's where the WE comes in. When you market to one of us, you market to all of us. Blogging_1

When you learn the ins and outs of being female-friendly with me, you get introduced to a hundred other women. When you take the time to listen - and respond - to me, you gain the attention of my network - of women all over the world. There's another W word - WORLD. Women worldwide are eager to meet you, to engage in conversation, be introduced to your products and services, and to show off theirs.

Marketing to women is also a win-win process - precisely because WE pose the WHY question all the time: Why should I -- do this or that, buy this or that, shop at one site or another? And the answer: because someone I know - another woman - recommend it.

FYI- I'll be joining a few of my best blogging friends this weekend to be part of a Women's Internet Marketing Summit. I have the privilege of being on a panel with Toby Bloomberg, Susan Getgood, Marianne Richmond, Penny Haynes, and Jeneane Sessum.  I can't believe I'm among such stellar ladies. Tune in to hear us talk on:

  • The myths about Blogging.
  • The benefits and downsides of Blogging.
  • The latest in Blog trends.
  • How to make money with Blogs.
  • The Potential for marketing and PR in the Blogosphere.
  • How to write Blog posts that actively engage your community in responding with comments and support.

The kind of information you should “listen to” in order to write compelling, thought-provoking posts. The panel will share their favorite Blogs, resources and other tips to make your Blog a success.

Be sure to tune in. And stop over at this page to support all the GREAT sponsors. We appreciate it!


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Yvonne - I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than hanging with some of the smartest women working in social media!

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