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Dumbest Use of a Blog I've Ever Seen

by Guest Blogger, Lena West


Because I own a technology strategy company (that's fancy talk meaning my company helps businesses end their struggles with technology and instead select technology that will grow and streamline their business and its operations), it's our responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and how businesses can use them.

Now, I've seen businesses use blogs for all sorts of purposes - a rant "machine", podcast and white paper delivery, quasi-customer name it.

But, last week, I saw possibly the ABSOLUTE DUMBEST use of a blog.  There are two pretty popular marketing coaches/consultants (who will remain nameless here) who are only posting their newsletter to their blog.  It would appear that they are doing this just so they can say they have a blog. :-O

Don't get me wrong, there's NOTHING wrong with the strategy of using your blog to deliver your newsletter - what with email delivery being what it is these days.  But, with ALL the benefits that a blog offers and with all the ways content can be leveraged, why on Earth would you only post your newsletter to your blog??? This is a classic small business "crime" - not using technology to its fullest potential. It's like getting a facelift but just on the left side of your face. Ridiculous.

What makes this doubly "offensive" is these people are marketing coaches! This doesn't speak too highly to their strategic marketing capabilities.  I don't know about you but, I wouldn't want them to help us with our marketing!

The moral of the story is...well, there are two morals:

1) Know who you're dealing with when you hire help for your company. Examine them. What are they doing?  Does it make sense? Do they walk their talk? Are they playing small?  Do they run their businesses in a smart, efficient, results-oriented way?

2) If you're going to use technology get someone to help you REALLY use it and integrate it into your overall business approach. Or, empower yourself with the information you need to do this on your own. Not so that you can say you have a blog like everyone else but because the technology is delivering measureable, strategically planned results for your business.

Cool technology is no longer "in", profitable, results-oriented technology is.


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Lena L. West

Hey Yvonne!

Good idea! Top 10...I've added that to my "editorial calendar" for Lipsticking. Coming soon to Lipsticking near you!

As for the online class, that's what The Technology Diet is about....sort of. We don't really teach people how to use BCC in the classes but we do teach them how to integrate technology into their marketing - especially online marketing. If anyone's interested in learning more about The Technology Diet, they can go to:

Thanks for the feedback,



Yvonne DiVita

You're always right on the money. I have been thinking lately that it's time to create an online class to teach people how to a) use email effectively - the way people send group emails without using the BCC really annoys me; and b) how to integrate their marketing. It's isn't a case of either/or, it's always a case of this AND that, and maybe something else.

Do you happen to have a Top 10 Tips List on this subject, that we could offer Lip-sticking readers?

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