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Why Dom & Vinnie's Got the Order

by Guest Blogger, Lena West


So, it's been a long day, I'm feeling hungry and I know I have a call with my wellness coach, Cheryl Miller in an hour. Which, if you know me,translates to, "I ain't cooking."

I want to be 'good' so, I decide to call the local organic take-away, Comfort, to place an order to go.  I call and I tell the person who answers that I'd like to hear today's dinner specials.  She says, "I'll get right back to you" and hangs up. That was 15 minutes ago. I'm telling you, you just CAN'T make this stuff up.

Now, my family has been in the restaurant business for over 3 decades now. And, here's what I know....if you're not going to have any rhyme or reason to your specials (i.e. Meatloaf Mondays, etc.), then you need to develop a simple way to inform people of that day's specials when they call in.

Maybe callers hear a recording of specials when they first call in (that can be easily by-passed if they know what they want to order).

Or, maybe, like Dom & Vinnie's (a local Italian restaurant) you upload your specials every morning to your restaurant's web site so that people can plan their take-away dinner in an efficient way -- and avoid being rudely hung up on in the process.

Don't give me the jazz about how some businesses, like restaurants, don't need web sites. Ever heard of restaurant.com? In the words of the illustrious Judge Judy, "Baloney!" Restaurants are a service-driven business and if nothing else, you need to serve people when they want to order -- not when you have time to read them the specials over the phone.

So, guess who got my dinner ducats tonight?

P.S. Will I call Comfort back? Maybe but, if I were them, I wouldn't hold their breath.


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