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by Guest Blogger, Lena West


Many times when you attend a conference, you leave brimming with ideas and changes to implement. Catch you two days later and it's a totally different story. What happened to the bubbly, wide-eyed change agent?  Life.  It's what happens when you make other plans.

Which is why when I was asked to participate in the upcoming Women's Internet Marketing Summit, I insisted that my involvement make a difference in how attendees put the information to use.

Strategist that I am, I thought it only made sense that the last virtual workshop of the day, be a strategy workshop. What are you really planning to DO with the things you've learned?  How exactly do you plan to harness the blogosphere once you've heard Toby Bloomberg's great ideas?  What's your strategic implementation plan for kicking up email marketing campaigns?

That's the whole point of my session "Putting Action Behind Knowledge". I'm going to walk registered attendees through creating a mini-strategic plan so that they can take the information they've gathered and actually do something concrete with it. Of course, I'll share my little tricks of the trade...the things I share with clients to help them with their businesses and the short-cuts I use myself.

But wait, there's more! You, too, can get this Ginsu knife set for only...

Ok, but there really is more...for me, it wasn't enough that you leave with a strategy, I wanted to make sure you actually MAKE the changes. I also wanted to give you a place to ask questions if you get stuck. So, through the power of technology, I planned a Post-Summit Implementation Lab (bundled pricing for the Summit & the Lab at this link). This is a tele-lab where you can come and ask questions, vet ideas and touch-base with all the rockin' people you met during the Summit. Heck, their progress might even spur you to get off the dime if you're dragging your feet.

And, hey, it'll be a chance to put a voice (mine) with a name (mine, too!)...and you can see for yourself if this strategist knows her stuff or not :)


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Lena West

Hey Toby!

Thanks for checking in.

You're welcome and I'm glad you like the idea of the hands-on element. The business world needs less thinking and more DOING - once you have a strategy, if course! :)

Guest Blogger,


Lena - thanks for your very kind words. I love your concept for the Summit and the hands on workshop that will give participants an opportunity to "make it their own."

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