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Women Voters: Where are YOU???

Finally got around to doing some blog reading of my own. Over at Blogher I was astonished to read this post on women not voting where Lisa Stone asks, "Why, then, if we're running our own lives, paying for our own healthcare and taxes and seriously worrying about our retirements, did 20 million single women stay away from the polls in 2004?" [bolding is mine]

I am apalled, angry, and stunned. The key factoid isn't in the number, although that does make you blink - it's in the statement that this is relevant of SINGLE women. Yes, unmarried women. Women my daughters' ages! Download and read THIS and you will be as enraged as I am!

This makes yesterday's post on Pollstir all the more important. And, it makes this link a vital one to share - with women everywhere, of every age. If women want to be taken seriously, if we aspire to making ourselves heard in a world that is fraught with the sound of bombs going off around us (in real life or on TV in our living rooms), if we really, really want to leave a better world to our children - sons and daughters, alike, we need to exercise our right to VOTE.

I'm not as technical as Lisa, so I haven't added the video here, but...I urge you to click this link and listen up! Then, spread the word. Women_voting

The word is VOTE!


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I agree that to inspire young women you need people who young women can actually relate to. I'm always a participant in the voting process, but I don't always fully support a paticular individual. Sometimes I simply vote based on whate issues an individual supports, or does not support. I wish I could know my representatives better, but in the rush of life lately - kids, work, home, extra activities - taking time to really know your representatives is not so easy. Plus, since 80% of our marketing involves negative campaign ads, I no longer know what individuals actually stand for, only what their opponents see as their faults. Not a great way to find support in my opinion.


I take voting very seriously and I'm usually the youngest person at the polls in my area by a good 40+ years!

Yvonne DiVita

Eli, interesting observation: get more young women politicians. Whom would YOU nominate?

Holly, while you are so right - voting has become more of a "who is the LEAST objectionable candidate" - the reality is that having the option to even do that, is a privilege. Let us all remember that - women especially. Susan B. Anthony must be turning over in her grave, to think so many young women don't vote!

Mary, thanks for the link - I'll check it out.


Want to inspire women? Check out this link - voting for the blue party (democrats) is a vote for a more profitable, sustainable and friendlier world. If you can't vote for a person, then vote for a direction.

Holly Buchanan

I also agree many women, young or old, are having a hard time finding a candidate who really inspires us, speaks to us, who we truly believe understands what we're facing and will fight for us.

It has been so long since I have voted "for" someone - I am almost always voting "against" someone.

Nonetheless - I am actually flying to my home state for the day simply just to vote. I feel if I don't, then I don't have a right to bitch if I don't like the outcome.

Elie Ashery

Yvonne, Duh! I think Lisa answered your question. Women aren't voting because they're too busy "running [their] own lives, paying for [their] own healthcare and taxes and seriously worrying about [their] retirements." She forgot the part of wiping their boyfriend's and husband's butts.

Simple formula: If you want more young women voters, get more young women politicians. Every politician doesn't have to look like Speaker Haster. Besides, I think the house floor could use a makeover.

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