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Today starts our trip to NY for the Fortune Innovation Forum. I won't be posting much today. Travelling wears me out - and I'm starting out at a handicapp, having spent many days putting in overtime to prepare for this, while keeping up with client work.

We're very excited (Tom and I) and will be sharing all our observations in this blog and in the WME Blogs blog. I'll be writing here, he'll be writing there. The truly exciting thing about this event is its focus - and the Business Innovation Insider blog. There is SO MUCH excellent content there, I could never begin to follow it all. But, I'll try to pass on some of the good parts.

Innovation is fast becoming a buzz word - as I think I've said before. That puts it in danger of being ignored, or misunderstood. For our purposes, let's think of innovation as creative thought, as embracing risk, as being able to look beyond - beyond the window of your office, beyond the limits of your parking lot, beyond the comfort of your SUV. Innovation requires stretching.

Here are some blog posts from the Business Innovation Insider that stretch my thinking, and, I think, will stretch yours:

Michael Michalko: on creativity and innovation - citing Dupont as a Fortune 500 Company that innovates well.

Ray Kurzweil: on why human will soon live forever - citing the power of computers to stop the aging process. Hmmm...

PLAY - where we get our best ideas, I guess. Do we? I think so - Melinda_gatesbut, sometimes we get fantastic ideas when we're working. Ideas about OTHER things than the project we're working on.

And, a section on the Top 50 Women in Business Today, citing Melinda Gates [pic here], as well as known names like Meg Whitman, Andrea Jung, and Patricia Russo. Along with some names that are not so familiar, Indra Nooyi (Pepsico), Irene Rosenfeld (Kraft Foods), Clara Furse (London Stock Exchange).

Enjoy these, until I begin posting from the event. 


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