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On the Road Again...

We're on the road again. In a few moments. Traveling to Binghamton (well, really Endicott and Johnson City) to visit the family for Thanksgiving.

This year we're not renting out the church hall, as we have done in year's past. Just a few of us (not the usual 45+ that often come, many of whom are children 12 and under). This year, it will be me and my Mom and Dad, and Tom (of course) at my sister Sue's. I don't know which of her children will be there, but I'm expecting Lisa, Joel, and Brett. Along with Brett's son and daughter. Oh, and Brett's fiance, who is pregnant!

Maggie, my daughter from Buffalo (newly married - I have yet to get pics up for you all), will be stopping by for dessert. She's there with Chris, her husband, as they are eating at his parents' house.Pie

All in all, a good family get-together. I'm only planning to be gone for a couple of days, so the dog and cat won't be too tramautized. I'd bring them along but...that would traumatize them even worse. They have never travelled well. My son is staying home to celebrate with his girl friend and her family, so the pets won't be totally alone.

I'm eager to write many, many marketing to women online posts over the next month. I have spectacular interviews lined up, and I know the Fortune Innovation Forum will be fantastic next week. Inspirational, no doubt. Join me in hearing what some of the best and brightest in the country are saying about innovation.

But first - enjoy your holiday. Eat well. Share. Hug everyone. Be happy.

Here's some good reading - till I return.

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Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Yvonne...filled with warmth, love, good food and great conversation. You are very blessed....and, so is your family to have you.

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