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by Guest Blogger, Lena WestLakshmi_lena_west_4

Sometimes a KICK-BUTT strategy works for one company and yet that same strategy - although good - doesn't work for a different company. As a technology strategist, I understand this. You see, strategy is not simply 'insert formula here'. A solid strategy (business or technology) that stands the test of time is based on where a company is, where it wants to go and a map of the exact steps that will get THAT PARTICULAR company to their goal.

Take Google's web page for example.  The folks at Google knew what business they were in from the outset. They were not trying to be all things to everyone. They were in the search business (yes, past tense because it's much bigger than search now).   So, they created a web site that had a simple logo, a search bar and a few other important links. That's it. Case closed. They did not try to be an information/news/stock/weather/entertainment portal. They were a search company.

So, in my Net travels, I came across this company, DodgeIt.  Click the link.  Look familar?  I thought it would.  In their efforts to imitate a boss strategy (Google's), they have missed the mark. Because this kind of sparse web page simply doesn't work for their business model.

DodgeIt is a company that offers 'throw away' email addresses, but...

1) There isn't a link to sign up.

2) Password protection requires a small donation (otherwise anyone in the world can check your email once they know your DodgeIt address).

3) The ability to delete email out of your DodgeIt account requires a small donation as well.

4) (And, this is the BIG KAHUNA)...if you go to this web site, and want to sign-up, there's no immediate, intuitive way to sign up. You have to go to the FAQs and poke around to get the gist of what's going on here.  And, even the FAQs section is sparse.

What makes this service any different from MailinatorSpam Gourmet, My Trash Mail, Spam Hole or For Spam? Which are infinitely easier to use and sign-up for...and SECURE and FREE!

SIDEBAR: Do I need to tell you that a man probably built this page/service?

So, unless this service does something of which I am not aware, it's a waste.

Strategy is not like a scarf or a can't just borrow someone's strategy and hope it fits. One size does not fit all. Nope. Good strategy is like an Italian custom tailored, hand stitched suit made specifically for your body.

So, what's it going to be for your business? A borrowed t-shirt or a custom tailored suit?


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