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What I'm Reading - and YOU Should Be Reading, Too!

I've been trying to find time to write about the books I'm reading - for some time, now. Reading is a pasttime that I enjoy to the hilt - or, rather, used to enjoy to the hilt. Now...I fit it in where I can.

On my recent trip to Asheville, NC (where one of my fav clients lives - but I didn't know it in time to stop by and visit!!!), I did a lot of reading. So much so that it brought back fond memories of spending long winter afternoons curled up in bed with a good book. We're talking fiction, of course. Back then. Now, I seldom read any fiction. <sigh>

A lot of people (read: PR firms) send me books, these days. Some are smart and ASK first - others just willy-nilly put the book in the mail, and keep their fingers crossed, Iguess, hoping I'll read it and write about it. To them I say - never mind. I can't promise you any comments - so write or call first, and if you don't hear back - well, there's your answer.Woman_reading

Now, in the marketing to women world, online or off - reading is important. Women like to read. We don't like being lectured or talked down to, but we're eager for news, information, advice, and entertainment. If your book provides any of those - or all - you've got a winner. To find out if you have a book women will actually buy - ask us. Connect with the women in the blogosphere - there are millions. Offer a peak inside your book, like Amazon does. Give us discounts. Just don't throw content at us - if it isn't relevant, we don't want it.

Here are some great books I'm reading now. These are well worth your time and $$. I'll try to do proper book reports when I'm able, but...for now, I will just write a sentence or two about each:

Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. The brothers are exploring the stickiness factor. Who has it, who doesn't and how you can get it.

Robin Hood Marketing by Katya Andresen. This book is outstanding! Katya outlines the best ways for a non-profit to build a successful marketing strategy.

How Much is Enough? by Pamela York Kainer. So, how much is enough for you? That's money, of course. I'm reading this book slowly because it's so insightful. Read it to learn where your money-values came from.

Now...on to the good stuff...

My friend Bob Bly has written a blog book. Bob Bly, the "blogs are so overrated" guy. I'm loving this book, Blog Smog. Bob may have his low opinion of blogs are marketing tools, compared to direct marketing, but...he's informative and frank about it. More on this book when I'm done. [not yet available at Amazon - stay tuned!]

Small is the New Big by Seth Godin. Ok, I was prepared to be bored by this book. I've bought into the whole small is the new big concept for a long time, so...what new stuff could Seth possibly have to say? I thought to myself. Turns out...a lot. This book is required reading for anyone in marketing today. It isn't a how-to book, or a here's what works book. It's a book of big ideas, and some reflection on the whole Purple Cow principle. If you can call the Purple Cow a principle. This book is like a blog - hey, I wonder if it's a bunch of blog posts in print...

And...another book that should be at the top of your reading list now, today, this Andy Sernovitz's Word of Mouth Marketing. You should read it. Your boss should read it. Your employees should read it. Your mother should read it. You might even leave it where the dog can see it - it's that good. And important.

So, IMHO, these are books that belong on your book shelf. But, don't put them on the shelf until you read them. Cover to cover, twice. These people believe in Innovation - they don't teach it. They don't preach it. They niche it.

I'm betting you can do the same. Start today.


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Mary Schmidt


Thanks for the list! I too get freebies which since I'm addicted to (ruined by?) reading, I greatly appreciate. And, I've been remiss in writing about "Robin Hood Marketing." Excellent book full of real-world common sense.

I also am re-reading (again) "Waiting for Your Cat to Bark" and "Call to Action" by those wacky Eisenberg fellas. Not only educational but downright fun.

For pure entertainment (and great wordsmithing) - pretty much anything by Jamie Lee Burke. Or, M.F.K. Fisher (food writer.) I find reading "non-biz" books gets the creativity flowing again.

Happy reading! I'll be working on my teetering stack this weekend.

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