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Aloha! The Language of Leadership
with Rosa Say

If I mention the name Rosa Say to you, what comes to mind?

For those of us who are deeply commited to Rosa - because she embraces us with positive energy and insight - an image comes to mind of not only accomplishment but of grace and sincerity. Rosa is the author of one of the best books on business management that I have ever read: Managing with Aloha. It's been on my top 10 list for three years. I see no reason to remove it. Rosa_say_holkelke

Rosa also writes the outstanding blog, Talking Story, where she shares her thoughts, her experience, and her insight with the whole world. But, more than that - she encourages - welcomes - is eager for - input from others. From her friends. From bloggers she has never met. From thought leaders and business professionals, from anyone who wants to join the conversation. I guess, if I had to qualify her for the world, I'd say she's the Oprah of the blogosphere.

Visit her December offering - which has contributions from some other stellar writers and business bloggers, including yours truly. On leadership - that elusive quality we all want but few have any hope of achieving. Here are some of the links I was drawn in to visit because they were fascinating and new, at least to me:

Own Your Brand [where this post really made me stop and think.]

Genuine Curiosity [where I see the book Seeing David in the Stone - a book I will be writing about in January.]

Live Your Best Life [where his quote from Marcus Aurelius will echo in my brain for weeks to come.]

There is more - a bushel basket more. A ton more. An office building in downtown Rome, more. More, more, more. In a world that keeps grabbing at more - of all the wrong thing - more of Rosa and her business community will give you all the RIGHT things.


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salam alikom marhaban bikom

Tim Draayer

Yvonne - Thanks for the link and I agree with you wholeheartedly that Rosa is a treasure.

Having said that, I'd like to add that each and every month Rosa comes through with thoughts of her own and adds to them by collecting a talented group of individuals who without a doubt learn as they share their own thoughts.

Thanks for spreading the word about a great community.

Michael Wagner

Yvonne, thank you for your encouraging mention of Own Your Brand!

I'm thankful to Rosa for including us in the conversations being launched at Talking Story this December.

Who knows what we all might stir up as we write, comment and dream together?

Keep creating,

Rosa Say

Gracious Yvonne, mahalo nui for the aloha you share here with me, Steve and Mike (of Own Your Brand), Dwayne (of Genuine Curiosity), Tim (of Live Your Best Life) and all the Hō‘ike‘ike contributors in this wonderful posting.

I have such high admiration for the talents of bloggers, and while you know how much I treasure books and training, I do believe we learn most about the working arts of management and leadership from other people who give their heart to it and consider it a calling. As you so accurately point out here, they ARE thought leaders.

I do hope all who read it will think of Hō‘ike‘ike as our gift of knowledge freely given with aloha in this, the giving season of hope. I know that is the true spirit in which every author who contributed decided to do so.
Mele Kalikimaka, e Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

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