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Back to the Good Old Days for 2007

When I was memed recently, I thought hard about which 5 Things to include that no one knew about me. Well, I did not include my desire to finish my book, Stories from the Good Old Days. But, I thought about it. And, in thinking about it...I started getting nostalgic for those good old days. Maybe other baby boomers remember them as fondly as I do.Hopscotch

From the introduction of my still unfinished book, here's what I mean,

We never really grow up, it seems...

We keep in our hearts our fancies and dreams.

And in a corner, tucked away,

Is the child we all were, yesterday. [anonymous]

"This book is about childhood. It’s about playing freeze-tag in the rain on a warm June afternoon. It’s about stopping to watch a rainbow form over the rooftops of the house across the street. It’s about hurrying out the door into the sultry mist of a July morning, anticipating a day of nothing planned, nothing arranged, nothing to do—except play. It’s about innocence, and happiness, in a carefree world where the biggest worry was being chosen last in a game of dodge ball.

This book is the story of children in the prime of their lives. In a world vastly different than the world we live in now. The children in this book wrap tiny arms around the world, sweating enthusiasm, frolicking in backyards with all the glee of a puppy let loose in a meadow scattered with butterflies. Growing up in mid-twentieth century, the lives of the children in this book were far removed from technology, from the blaring of a television in every room, from the clatter of someone chattering on IM on their computer, from the emptiness of a house gone silent because its inhabitants are rushing to and fro to prearranged activities. Their lives were touched by each other, and by the cocoon of family surrounding them with silken threads of care. Despite difficult times, despite not having any money, despite growing up with only a doll, a book or two, or a scooter to play with, the children in the mid-twentieth century exalted in their youth in a way the children of today will never know or experience."

The book is full of stories of real children, all adults now, and the kinds of things they did on summer vacations. I hope to get back to it someday, to finish it with more stories, and true experiences - memories we boomers should never let go. As a legacy to our children and grandchildren.

This all comes to me because of an interview I had the pleasure of conducting just recently. I interviewed Naomi Friedman, who is bringing back a very important part of those good old days - the medical house call.

Remember those? When you were sick and your Mom called the doctor and the doctor ---- CAME TO YOUR HOUSE TO TREAT YOU????

Well, Naomi thinks it's time to bring that quality of healthcare back. She's the founder of Sickday House Calls. Their About page describes it like this: "The Exam Room to Your Door: Sickday Medical House Calls is more than a nostalgic return to the "days gone by" of at-home medical care. We are the modern healthcare solution for patients in need of prompt medical attention but unable - or unwilling - to wait hours in an emergency room or days for an appointment with their primary care physician."

Let's hear what she has to say about it:

Yvonne: Why did you start this company, Naomi?

Naomi: I was frustrated about not being able to spend enough time with my patients. That ten minutes most doctors get when a patient comes to the 'office' just wasn't enough. And, I wanted my patients not to feel threatened. When you visit people in their own home, it's so much easier to get personal with them.

Yvonne: I vote for that! I hate visiting the Doctor - even for a well-patient visit. What kinds of things do you and your staff treat in these home visits?

Naomi: You can see on our website a list of treatments we perform. But, we can actually do minor stitching, as well as treat burns or animal/insect bites.

Yvonne: What kinds of things are pretty routine, though?

Naomi: Generally, we treat cold symptoms, allergies, stomach or GI problems - the kinds of things dozens of people suffer from all the time.

Yvonne: How long does it take for you to respond to a call?

Naomi: Usually just 2-3 hours. Certainly, we make every effort to treat patients the same day they call. There are physicians and physician associates available from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. every day.

Yvonne: This is exciting. I know you're located in Manhattan right now, but do you have future plans to expand?

Naomi: Yes, I do! We're working on expanding in to the top 25 markets in the U.S. right now, for 2007. Places such as San Francisco, and LA. Just check our website for updates.

Yvonne: I'm curious, Naomi. Can you explain why doctors stopped making house calls, in the first place?

Naomi: I'm only guessing - but I think modern technology created the 'office' where they had all of the tools they needed, and that led many of them to adopt a "come to me" mindset. Also, doctors were getting so busy, it was just easier to see patients - in higher numbers - in an office.

Well, I think this service is long overdue. Naomi gets the 2006 prize for being innovative and patient-centered. Let's hear it for the good old days.


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Oh boy... you are making me nostalgic for the good ol' days. So, you have got to finish that book, ya hear!? I'm a babyboomer and I can remember when times were very different than it is today... even though I'm a Black woman. So, it wasn't all cake & ice-cream for me. But, my parents did a good job of protecting me from racism. And I'm so glad they did... because I made friends with little white kids, some of whom were my classmates. And I grew up not having any animosity or ill feelings about race. So... I have fantastic childhood memories.

Oh... and I'd like to add that when I became a mother, I made every effort to give my daughter at least a 'touch' of the good ol' days childhood. I let her play in the rain, bake cookies, have sleepovers etc. And now she has memories that I hope will someday be looked upon as her 'good ol' days.'

I'll be checking back regularly to find out if you've finished that book.
- Dorez


LOL! Merry Christmas to you! I'd like to read your book about the good ol' days! LOL

Thank you!

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