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I received an email this week from - a man - who had visited the old site, as opposed to this site: Smart Marketing to Women and he was trying to be funny - I think - by asserting that it was okay for me, a woman, to use the term "Dickless" but...if he, a man, attempted to call his marketing <female anatomy term deleted - begins with C>, he'd be in big trouble.Red_high_heel_3

Well...I have to agree with him, up to a point. His term is considered insulting in ALL venues. No matter how or when you use it. MY term is relative to a man's name, and only became a four-letter word in the latter half of the 20th century - I think. Not sure about that, but...I know as a child in the 50s and 60s, 'Dick' was a boy's name. It wasn't a 'bad' word. Therefore, to set the record straight - the book, Dick*less Marketing, is about marketing NOT to Dick but to Jane. The fact that it's a double-entendre is for effect. Mostly it makes people laugh. It isn't meant to insult anyone. And, truthfully, I think it's high time we gave Richard back his nickname, anyway.

So, when you come across my book - and some of this blog content - know that the title is in support of marketing to Jane. As opposed to marketing to her deadbeat brother, Dick. 

In the best marketing to Jane effort, here are some fantastic opportunities for small business owners...offered by friends of yours truly...

John Jantsch (a very old - ummm...not that kind of old) blogging friend who is the Stephen Hawking of small business marketing, is offering TWO opportunities. His first is one that I'm especially interested in. Over here he says, "I would like to find... 25 single mom entrepreneurs who could use the support, recognition and tiny bit of marketing help a gratis copy of Duct Tape Marketing might bring." Is that you? Or someone you know? I think it is.

Then, over here, is the pre-order promotion for his latest version of his so successful book, Duct Tape Marketing. I think everyone reading this blog should get in on this promotion. Why? Well, John keeps company with some great folks. To quote, " I have joined forces with many of the biggest names in marketing such as Joe Vitale, Bob Serling, David Frey, Bryan and Jeffery Eisenberg,  Bob Bly, Sean D'Souza, Dave Lakhani, Charley Cook, Catherine Seda and more to put together an incredible collection of bonus materials when you pre-order your copies of Duct Tape Marketing. "

One particular member of that elite group is someone I interviewed and quoted in my book, Dickless Marketing: Sean D'Souza. He's an outstanding resource I encourage you to connect with. His focus is PsychoBranding. Very smart.

In an updated offer, given the above was written in 2004, I offer you Tom Collins' site: Old Dog Learning and his new book Read'Em & Reap, all about helping people who are stuck get unstuck, and teaching people the true value of reading. Click the links.

Nurturing Big Ideas read em and reap book quote

That's enough for one day. I have more coming...all good promotions, advice, and content for the Marketing to Women Online crowd. That would be the whole world, of course!


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Chastity Benavidez

I think the title of the book is perfection. Its inuendo is not only hilarious but truthful in many..many ways and as women and only women we understand. What men don't know is that they are right, we do have our own language, emotions and just way of living that is innate to us. Therefore marketing to "Jane" not only makes sense but will work.

Adrianna Acosta

In the past women have always been discriminated against especially when it comes to fashion. For instance, women had the lower paying jobs in the fashion industry opposed to men in the 1800's and I'm sure that if you look at the CEOs of most apparel companies you would see that the majority is run by males. I think we have earned the right to say what we want when to fashion.

Kelly Hedge

There is definately a double standard when it comes to what men can say in women's articles because fashion is seen as a women thing, but there are aslo double standards with what women and men can do. For instance, a man that sleeps aroung is a "Playboy", but a women that does the same is a "Slut". I think that when it comes to double standards the old rule that each of our parents taught still stands true: "Due unto others and you would want done to yourself."

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