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I've Been Memed!
5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

What's the world coming to? Fun mixed in with business? Who'd a thunk it?

Well, I've been memed. And, before that...I was carnivalized. So to speak. I participate in Carnival Fred_the_pugof the Capitalists on a regular basis...and this week it was at SamaBlog...which seemed more like a carnival for sure. Hop over to check out all the 'stuff.' Warning: it's hard to read. Red text on dark blue background.  Oh well. It's worth squinting at. I Love Rob's humor - his comment link says, "Gimme Lip." Kewl! [couldn't resist this image of Fred the just fits meme's and carnivals, doesn't it?]

Meanwhile, back to the meme. Some of you will already know what that is. For those who don't, here's Patsi's explanation (she memed me, so I rely on her description):

A meme is like a thought virus or a cultural virus that gets passed on, usually organically.  In this case, the meme is getting passed around strategically by bloggers.  It's a good way to introduce you to other blogger friends and for readers to learn more about me and the others already memed.

In true meme fashion, here are 5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me:

1. I used to be a veterinarian's assistant. More than that, I was in the very first graduating class here in NY State. Boy, if that doesn't age me, nothing will.

2. I hate to travel. No, really. I hate going out of the house. If I had my druthers...I'd never go anywhere. I'm perfectly content to look at the world through a window. In fact, I like to tell people that the out of doors is exactly where it belongs, and it should only stay there.

3. I once swallowed tubes to earn extra money. Yep, I worked in a hospital and they did studies on stomach acid. They paid some good $$$ for volunteers who would swallow rubber tubes and sit around (or recline in a comfy bed) for a few hours so they could collect gastric juice.

4. From the studies done in #3, I found out that I lack an enzyme that aids in digestion. I've always enjoyed baby food - and one day, after one of the tests, someone came up to me and said, "Now I know why you eat baby food and yogurt all the time. You don't have..."

5. I speak cat. Not fluently. But, passingly. I mean, I kind of speak dog, too. But, I'm tuned in to my cat and I think I understand her better. So, we carry on long conversations. Me: "It is not time for you to eat. I just fed you an hour ago." She: "But, I only ate a tiny bite of that. Don't you have anything else?" Me: "The dog doesn't bother me all day about getting fed. She knows she only gets fed at dinnertime." She (with a deep stare that almost speaks for itself): "The dog eats grapes - and popcorn and anything else you throw her way."

'nuff said.

Next...'re memed: Kirsten Osolind, Jill Fallon, Suzanne Falter-Barns, Scott Ginsberg, Benecia and Chloe...


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Even I learned something about my mother here. But mostly, I just want to emphasize #2. I can vouch for this in many ways, but the best one is growing up hearing, "God made windows for a reason" which was always said when someone was encouraging my mother to venture outside. Being an outside person who loves camping, hiking, snowboarding, and all things wild, I don't understand this mentality at all. But, bless her, my mom wouldn't be the same if she were any other way!

Michael Wagner

Thanks for sharing "the rest of the story" with us --- or at least the parts that you can!

Your swallowing tubes for extra money reminded me of classmates that did the same during grad school...and came to class with the tubes still "down them". It was a little distracting but we all understood at the time you did what you had to in order to pay for school.

Always a good and meaningful read - keep creating, Mike

Phil Gerbyshak

You speak cat? That explains a lot, now doesn't it? :-)

Have a MEOWingly awesome holiday season!

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