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Why Are Small Businesses Allergic to Strategy? - Part 2

by Guest Blogger, Lena WestLakshmi_lena_west_4

SIDEBAR: This week, I'm continuing my post from last week. The winner of last week's contest is announced below.

So, there I am in the shower, thinking about why small businesses seem to break out in nasty red welts every time someone mentions the 'S' word and a flood of 'reasons' filled my mind but a few really stood out for me.

1) Scarcity Mindset. Small businesses think that getting help with strategy is too ________. Insert expensive/time-consuming/lofty/anything that implies 'I don't have enough' in the blank. The mindset of not having enough is enough to disuade them from even trying their hand at putting a strategy together on their own - much less hiring an expert to get help.

2) Lottery Syndrome.  You've all seen or heard this one.  It goes something like, "I don't need a strategy because we're going to be the next big thing and within two years we'll get bought out by _________. Insert Google/Microsoft/Inuit  here. Or, the Lottery Syndrome rears its duplicitious head in another way.  Something like, "I don't need to develop a strategy because we're going to start a blog/podcast/web site or go through Latest Marketing Guru's program and it will make us a million bucks every month."  Hey, I still have that bridge to sell, you know? (For the record, I think the Lottery Syndrome was coined by marketing coach, Mark Silver.)

3) The Martyr. Because taking the time to develop and implement a strategy is too much like common sense, it's much more vialiant to 'wing it' and isn't that what being an business owner is all about?  Collecting a bunch of war wounds and then being able to tell a bunch of hard-luck/come-up stories when you 'make it'?

4) Analysis Paralysis. This is when you collect a bunch of ideas that you SHOULD be doing and your put them in a folder that collects digital dust and you never look at it again because there's a part of your brain that tricks you into believing that you're not sure what to do, where to start, how to do it, who should do it and what the ROI or goals should be. So you do nada, cero, zippo, zilcharini.

5) Case of the Whens.  When the company gets bigger. When we have more money. When the kids go to college. When I lose these last 10 pounds. When we develop a reputation. When we flesh out our brand. When we have a couple of notches on our belt. When we have more testimonials. When we redesign our web site. When we redesign our logo. When I've written my book. When always leads to never, in my experience.

Hey, no finger-pointing here. My company suffered with some of these 'allergies', too. So, what do you do if you're saddled with a Scarcity Mindset, the Lottery Syndrome, Analysis Paralysis or a bad ass Case of the Whens? (pun intended)  Wanna know what we did?

Yoooouuuu guessed week...

P.S. Since I only got two comments to last week's post (slightly sarcastic: thanks, guys!) and both posts were good in their own way, I did a virtual coin toss of 5 pennies. Heads Lyn. Tails Jean. And, Lyn won! Lyn, please send my assistant, Kim, an email (KCarson at xynoMedia dot com) to set up your complimentary one-hour technology strategy session worth 35,000 pennies!  Take a look at just one of my testimonials at the top of this page

But, wait, there's more...Jean doesn't go away-empty handed. Jean gets to email me (LWest at xynoMedia dot com) her #1, most pain-in-the-butt, pressing, business-related technology question and I will respond with an answer that I promise will include ideas, angles and strategies you've never considered!

So, if you know Lyn or Jean (or you are Lyn or Jean), tell them they have until this Friday, December 8th at 7:00pm, EST, to claim their prizes - after that the prizes go poof.

A BIG thanks to Lyn and Jean for playing along.  You see, you never know when I'm going to give something cool away here at Lipsticking so, you know what to do...


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