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With a Little Help from Our Friends

Time to give some credit to my friends. That's a win-win tactic, by the way, in marketing to women online or off. Giving credit where credit is due.

I'm blessed with a lot of friends both online and off. Friends I've met at networking events or conferences. Friends I've met via this blog. Friends I've met through referrals. Friends are the people who have to take you in when nobody else will talk to you.

Oh wait - I think that's family. With friends, they're willing to take you in - even when you make blunders all over the place. [yes, I've blundered this week; sigh, sigh, sigh.]

So...without further ado let me share some exciting news and links with you. To_post_or_not_to_post

First, my good blogger friend Paul Chaney, who is one of the smartest bloggers I know, writes a column for He writes on blogging. He shares some insightful content about blogging. In his Business Advisors column this week, he has an interview with Wayne Hurlbert - another very savvy blogger, and another good friend.

I recommend Paul's column. If you read it week to week or even day to day, you may see yours truly show up there sometime. His last interview was with the incomparable Toby Bloomberg.

Over at my local business magazine, Business Strategies, their new blog. BSM, is shaping up nicely. I really like this post on Branding by Michael Perlson. He's echoing a lot of what I'm reading on the net, lately. The magazine is edited by my friend, Ellen Wagner. Occasionally, I write an article for Ellen. She has so many talented writers, I feel truly honored to be among them.

One is Barbara Osterman, who doesn't have her own blog, yet...but has lots of great experiences she could share, in a blog. I hope she starts one soon. For's one of her BSM posts.

Tomorrow is Innovation Wednesday. More content from last week's excellent forum.


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Wayne Hurlbert

Like the Blogging Ambassador Paul Chaney, and the wonderful Marketing Diva Toby Bloomberg, Yvonne DiVita is one of the true delights of the blogging genre. All of us, to some degree, owe much of our passion for blogging to the inspiration that Yvonne provides, one lipstick tube at a time. As bloggers we are blessed to have such good friends, and to meet new and interesting people, on a daily basis. People make the blogosphere go round, and some of the finest people anywhere are discovered from reading their blogs.

Paul Chaney

Thanks for those very kind comments Yvonne. You don't know how much they mean to me. There's no friends like blogger friends!

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