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Digital Hill

by Guest Blogger, Lena West

Digital Hill

One of my favorite bloggers, Lyn Chamberlin over at The Brand Dame blog, had a great post about Hillary Clinton's "in to win" campaign and her exessive use of "platitudes and political cliches".

Me? I was focused on the technology. I attended 2 of the 3 webcasts and here's what I LOVED:

1) Hillary's tech person is a woman - AND non-white. LOVE it! That said more to me than the actual content of the webcast. Do I wish her tech expert was dressed more professionally and less like a "techie"? Sure. But, that's another blog post.

2) She's coming out of the starting gates with multiple webcasts. She's smart enough to know (or hire someone who knows) that you need to reach people where they live. She can't always expect people who are in her target voting age-range to leave their home lives and attend some smarmy political rally. Smart.

3) She's got a blog and there's a quasi-contest between her visitors about who gets to write the first post. Double-score! She's using blogging technology and building on that with an online contest.

4) There's an online there's a novel idea, a politician who's developing community! As soon as you join the community, you automatically become a Hillraiser. The system assigns you a Hillraising number to help track your campaign fundraising efforts. They *assume* that your joining the community = fundraising.

5) You were able to log on before the webcast even started to submit your questions to the "kitty" for a possible direct answer by Hillary.

I must say whomever created this online strategy is a person after my own heart. I'm glad to know the "competition" is out there and they're just as smart, savvy, strategic and capable as I am.

P.S. In the words of Roy Williams, if you're part of the cognoscenti, you're already seeing ways to loop how Hillary is leveraging technology into your business doing so, too. If you can't see the handwriting on the wall or you need a translator, drop me a line.


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Maryam Webster

But does "tech savvy" mean anything other than Clinton is smart enough to employ such technology? Technology may be sexy, but it sure isn't criterion for worthy candidacy.

While I used to enjoy Hilary, I'm not currently a fan because I've seen her do that most regrettable of acts - "trying hard to be a rich white male", to use the verbiage above. She's hardened herself into the rich white male mindset so much, that she does NOT represent me as a woman. As far as I can see, Hilary has become a clone of white male senatorhood.

And political choice on color basis? While I get it, color is a poor indicator of competence. Women of ALL colors can be just as hard-edged, just as removed from their roots in circumstances of political candidacy.

Few women have set out to achieve in what is still a very male dominated world and not ended up more like those they sought to replace than whatever kind of idealist they started out being. I can think of a few notable exceptions to this - Eleanor Roosevelt would be one, but she was born into grace and favor and had her consciousness raised while her husband was in office. Indira Ghandi is another, Angela Davis still another (her, I'd vote for and did, in '84). But these exceptions are rare. On either side of the color wheel.

And then, there's Hilary's "listening" record that has turned more market-y than value-laden. This side of the fence from:

...As David Broder of The Washington Post reported this week, the recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing proved a telling peek behind Clinton's carefully placed curtain.

This hearing was a solid opportunity for committee members to direct many probing questions about the war in Iraq to the man who is the new commander there, Lt. Gen. David Petraeus. Indeed, another presumed presidential candidate, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, asked Petraeus no less than 14 questions during his allotted time. In fact, he ran out of time before he could finish.

What did Clinton do with her allotted time? She gave a meandering, blowhard speech about why she thinks the war is failing. She complained about Iraqis failing to step up and take responsibility. She threatened to "cut money for the Iraqi troops."

In short, she didn't ask a single question. Not one. So during an important hearing designed to present facts and information about this complicated war, the woman who would be president wasted all of her time in order to make a campaign speech.

What kind of listener is she? Not a very good one.

Let's hope the American people won't be as fooled by her as New Yorkers were.

Mary Schmidt

Yvonne, I voted for Bill and Hilary both times (I loved the idea of getting both their brains for the price of one.) That said, in recent years, I've begun to dislike Hilary. This post (along with a newscast where I saw her exhibiting some self-deprecating humor) makes me want to revisit her candidacy.

And, I'm with Lena - At this point, pretty much ANY body would be better than the standard rich white male. Further, yes, I think the country is ready for a woman at the top (whether they/we know it or not.)

In any event, I love the ways things are changing. Women and minorities are actually being taken seriously as candidates. Should be a veddy, veddy interesting election.

Lena West - Technology Diet


Thanks for weighing in.

Yes, I'm a fan of Hillary's but maybe that's because I know a different side of her than what the public sees.

I'm also ready for ANY other type of person in the White House other than a white male. Les jeux sont fait.


Yvonne DiVita

Well, no one ever said Hillary wasn't smart. I'm not a fan, but... I have to admit that I agree whole-heartedly with you, Lena. She is tech-savvy enough to hire good people, and that speaks well for her qualifications for the position she'd like to win.

I'm really curious about how many people think we're ready for a woman president. What about you, Lena? Is the U.S. ready for a woman in the top office? (not asking if you want Hillary there - just wondering about the bigger question).

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