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Microsoft Webinar with Laurence Haughton

Good friend and very smart leadership speaker, Laurence Haughton, will be online January 30th from 9:00 a.m. PT (Noon Eastern time), presenting, "More Buy-In for New Ideas and Innovations"- a new strategy to overcome resistance to change and improve follow through. I've had the privilege of knowing Laurence for a... Read more →

Marketing to Women Online: What Happened to Innovation?

This is a double post, sort of. It's a few tidbits on marketing to women online, and it's a question about innovation - since this is Wednesday and I have been trying to write about innovation on Wednesdays. First, the marketing to women online news. Eileen over at Simply Juicy... Read more →

Hispanic News for Good Marketing to Women Experts

I receive a good number of my blogs in Feedburner, via my email. Not all...but many. One of them is written by Juan Tornoe at Hispanic Trending. To me, Juan is the voice of the Hispanic community in this country. I know he's not THE voice, there are many voices...... Read more →