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Outlook on 2007: Anita Campbell

Johnny Debacle: Please Phone Home

Rapidly moving into February, that delicious red month of Valentines and candy hearts (mmm... chocolate, which, according to the news last night, is heart healthy food) and pretty presents (like diamonds?), it's almost sad to leave the first month of the new year behind.Diamonds_are_a_girls_best_friend

January has that one moment of fame - well, to be honest, it goes to December, doesn't it? It's New Year's EVE... isn't it? Then, we all suffer for our partying the night before and rush headlong into New Year's resolutions or revolutions, depending on where your head is at the moment. After that, it's back to the tedious work of keeping up with reality TV, and shopping, blogging, dieting, etc. It isn't until February 14th that we pick up the fun again.

Poor January.

Well, over at Long or Short, Johnny Debacle hosted the Carnival of the Capitalists this week, and did a bang-up job of giving January some smiley time. He brought more than a bit of humor to the Carnival - he was kind enough to include a post I sent in his list of "15 best submissions." Now, I don't know Johnny, but I wish I did. He's pretty clever (presuming he is a 'he'... the blog doesn't reveal much about the folks who write it). To Johnny, sorry I didn't mention the Pink Dollar. Glad you did. Thanks!

After hopping over to Johnny's link, come on back and take a look at this new entry into business  blogging. Anita Campbell (as if she didn't already have enough to do) just started a blog called Selling to Small Business Owners. If there's one person you should be listening to on this topic, it's Anita. This latest is just one more thing Anita is doing. Her Small Business Trends blog has been a popular destination spot online for a very long time. Tomorrow, I'll have her Outlook on 2007. Well worth a read. 

That's enough to keep you busy for awhile. See you on the fly! 


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Anita Campbell

Hi Yvonne,

Congrats on being included in such a selective Carnival. "Johnny Debacle" indeed.

Have a great one!


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