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Outlook 2007: New blogs, sites, and more

This blog is fortunate to have readers that interact with me. I get a fair amount of comments, and a lot of emails. That's the beauty of social networking - you get to talk with, meet with, and make friends with a whole lot of people from all over the world.

Here's another dose of Outlook on 2007 from a very good blog buddy - and then, some announcements from friends.Andy_wibbels_1

Andy Wibbels - blogger extra-ordinaire and seminar creator - offers this insight into doing business going forward...

What happened at your company, in 2006, that surprised you?

Discovering how a simple, minor personal touch like having a staffer call all the upcoming seminar participants to ensure they have all the details for the course. This really blew some clients away and probably takes a whole 1 minute per client!

What are you planning to do differently in 2007?

2007 is implementation for me. I get enthralled with making lots of new content, instead of just delivering what I already have. So, 2007 is very much systemizing, outsourcing and processes - so I just have to show up ready to consult and teach, and the details take care of themselves. I'm also implementing strong metrics and measures of traffic, conversion, customer acquistion and other fancy sounding columns to my spreadsheets.      


Now, from across the net and into your consciousness, some interesting things going on that I thought you would all be interested in...

Locally, Tom and I are blessed to be working with some very talented people. One of them is Karin Marlett Choi. She's our book cover designer. Recently, Karin started a blog to chronicle her and her husband Steve's attempt to adopt a baby from China. I know you are all going to LOVE Karin's blog... take a look: A Garden Variety Family.

I know Karin would be delighted to hear from you...

Steven Streight of Vaspers the Grate, has a book out that looks mighty interesting. Take a gander...

My favorite automotive blog and website, Ask Patty!, has participated in Marketing Sherpa's Guide to the New Social Media. See the details here. (I'll see if I can get Jody to write something about Auto World. She was there, but of course!)

Best-best blog buddy Susan Getgood of the outstanding Marketing Roadmaps is - once again - participating in HP's "Backstage at Sundance." This year, there's a very kewl contest going on... get the details here. HINT: grand prize is a trip for two to Sundance 2008! OMG! All it takes is submitting some photos with captions that tell a story. If you do it, let me know so I can write about it!


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Jody DeVere

Yvonne - Thanks again for the kudo's. I'll get a post up tonight on the women's view of the Detroit Auto Show!

Jody DeVere
Ask, Inc.

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