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Outlook on 2007: Jory Des Jardins

Another response to my Outlook on 2007 questions. This one from a truly fabulous young woman I am so proud to know - I would write about her every day, but... she'd be embarrassed.

Jory Des Jardins is a founding member of Blogher (you're going, right?) and writes the Pause blog - in a voice that is personal and professional, interesting and thought-provoking, and fun. That's one of the things that attracts me to Jory - she makes me smile.

Here are her answers to my Outlook on 2007 questions:

Yvonne: What surprised you about 2006?Jory_des_jardins

Jory: Let me think here: I'd say that what really surprised me this year was how much interest there was around 1) bloggers and 2) women. One of the real differences at BlogHer 05 and BlogHer 06 were  the sponsors. We had companies like Yahoo! that supported the BlogHer community and did again in 06, but there were also companies such as GM, American Greetings, Johnson's Baby and Weight Watchers who were interested in the conference because they wanted to reach not just bloggers but Female Influencers.

There's a new marketing premium that companies place on women who influence other women. Alongside all of the data regarding the popularization of blogs was data about the power of the women online. Both forces seemed to converge this year.

Yvonne: What are you planning to do differently next year?

Jory: Next year... I'm planning to take better care of myself and to actually schedule 'do nothing' time into my week.


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When it comes to Social Media for business, including for non- profit, it must be the organization and/ or companies to be responsible to maintain their social sites. It is not wise to have social networks that are not represented by those it states to, people want sincerity and that is something that cannot be faked. So, my suggestion would be to guide them, collaborate clever ideas for their social sites, but ultimately to have a true relationship that is not built upon...

Chris Owen

Excellent choice of interviewee Yvonne.
I'm a big fan of Jory's and wish I could be at BlogHer

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