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Savvy Her: Can this be you?

This content from Kare Anderson came in over a month ago, but it's only now that I'm finally getting to post about it. Savvy Her is a new site for women where... well, let's go over and see...

The site bids itself as "the first online social network where we share tips for making our lives easier and more joyful, and get recognized and rewarded (with gifts) each month, when members vote one of our tips among the Ten Most Popular."

Unfortunately, you have to actually 'join' to get any of the tips. There isn't one, nope, nary a one, free for the asking.

This - personally - doesn't bode well with me. I like to test things out a bit. Visit and watch and maybe participate a little, before signing on to receive yet more content in my email box. It would seem that the site is offering tips from celebrities. You know, the stuff of supermarket tabloids.

Okay - that might be harsh. I guess I'm tired. It's Sunday afternoon, and when I opened the email announcing this (leftover from December, I admit it) I got excited because it seemed so - friendly.

Then, I went to the site and...friendly it's not. Clicking on each category in turn gave me no joy.Confused  Just an invitation to join. I ask you - join what? The site hasn't given me enough incentive to join.

Well, you go over...and see...and come back and tell me if I should join. Kare Anderson hasn't convinced me to take the time to share my personal information with her. Personally, I'm not all that thrilled with what celebrites think. I'd rather hear from you, my good blogger friends.

What's wrong with us regular folk?

Well, watch this space. I have a fantastic social networking site to share - soon!


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Yvonne DiVita

I hope SavvyHer is paying attention. The idea is worthwhile, but the website is not.

Steve is so right - the more you give away, the more you get back. Chris, you and I are part of the demographic - but they don't speak to us, right?

Lena, they need your help. I hope they call you soon!

Lena L. West


I had not heard of this site. I surfed over and yes, there is no free content to peruse but the kicker for me was the disorganized site layout and design.

I'm a technology expert - have been for over a decade - and I could barely find my way around. There was no clear top level navigation, there was no information architecture, zilch.

If *I* can't find my way around this site, I don't think my Mom will ever be able to. Forget it.

I hate to shamelessly promote but, this is what happens ladies, when you don't work with a strategist who can tell you all the ins and outs about how to make the most effective use of your technology - web sites included. Cut the focus on the cute and bump up the focus on the planned use. Why are we still learning this lesson?

I shared the link with a colleague who's company caters to "women of a certain age" and she said that she really didn't see the value and that it looked OK but she'd be interested in seeing if women over 50 would want to connect with strangers online. She also mentioned that she's not interested and neither are any of her friends with whom she shared the link.


Now, this demi's are not my bag o' tricks but I hope the folks over a SavvyHer did their market research before they launched this thing.

Unless they redesign the site, they don't have a snowball's chance but, I'm willing to be surprised, however.

-Lena, Lipsticking Guest Blogger

vaspers the grate

I think the New Share Economy and universal content utopia are also strongly opposed to this dearth of FREE samples.

You should give away tons of material, depending on your industry, and then, once people are hooked on your astonishing expertise, skill, quality, savings, discounts, exotica, whatever, then you can convert a few free users to premium service paid users.

But to be stingy, secretive, uncooperative is wrong. Customers don't need any of us, ever forget that. For whatever we are doing, we have thousands or millions of competing businesses, who are racing ahead into podcasting, web conferencing, VoIP, video chat, online surrogates, digital assistants, and other rich internet apps.

Chris Owen

Hi Yvonne
I used your first link to go over and have a look.
Then came back and read the rest of your post having already determined that there had been NOTHING to entice me to open up my precious Inbox (that I'm trying to prune).
Yes the concept of women of 45+ sharing tips and resources was fine but something held me back!
So, an overwhelming "I agree" from me!

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