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California Avocados

Decided it was time for a female-friendly post. That is, something about how to be female-friendly. As my good friend Anita would say, "Don't tell them about female-friendly, Yvonne. Show them!" So, here's female-friendly for you.

The California Avocados Commission. In all honesty, I discovered the site through an article in my  January/February issue of 1 to 1 Magazine.

They are obviously on the ball, with an article titled, "Purse Power!" In it, they reveal a case study done by the California Avocado Commission to "leverage" women's purchasing power by creating "a multichannel marketing campaign that appeals to women by relaying the healthy benefits of the avocado, as well as offering handling advice and recipes."

That led me to click over to the website...and I'm impressed.

Let's go over what makes this female-friendly...

First of all, I may not remain totally true to my original female-friendly qualities as outlined in California_avocado_angel_eggs Dickless Marketing. Not because they aren't valid, but because times change. And, marketing to women online changes with them. [picture is copyrighted; Courtesy of California Avocado Commission.]

The California Avocados Commission website is, first and foremost, visually appealing. They're true to their product - the colors are avocado green but in a soft hue that is comforting and inviting. The supporting color is a peachy orange - and works well with the green. In areas where its necessary, the peach color is bolded - appropriately drawing the eye to the text. Unobtrusive but effective.

My hat is off to the web designers who built this site. They have what appears to be flash right there on the homepage - in a group of rotating group of images that show avocados, families, California... images that are emotionally charged and happy. The flash does not take over the site - it remains on the left-hand side and offers the visitor a peak inside avocado-land.

Navigation is simple, stretching across the top of the page, and the bottom. The top is your normal line of text: Recipes, Healthy Living, About...etc. Across the bottom there are small, square boxes with images...this also rotates. Most of these seem focused on cooking or preparing avocados. I see that the rotation has stopped there is a time limit on it. No worry. All the images are still visible.

I also like that at the very top, on the right, are the most important contact links: a Sweepstakes link (who doesn't like sweepstakes?), recipes (again), contact us, and a search recipes. Directly below, under the navigation links, is the search recipes window - with a nicely looking featured recipe. Mmmmm!

This site is just doing everything right. They even have a kids section. And a spanish option, for our Hispanice and Latino friends. One thing they've done that is outstanding is offer a downloadable images page where you can download images of the recipes when you're sharing them with friends.

The Press Room also includes a Nutrition link with a Healthy Times Newsletter.

And, I advise you to check out this link. It could spell happiness for your women customers.

Take a lesson from the California Avocados Commission and become female-friendly by understanding the women you're marketing to. According to the article in 1 to 1 Magazine, "...avocado sales successfully grew in the 12 major markets where the CAC conducted its heaviest marketing efforts."

Not only because of the website - but because the CAC recognized women's purchasing power and took the right steps to become female-friendly.


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