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Don't Do This - Or Else!

I feel compelled to report on a few things happening around the net, relevant to women and marketing to women.

First, over at Marketing Maven with Wendy Kinetic, there's an interesting discussion going on about the concept of "Ladies Night." Steve Horner is objecting to it - citing discrimination against the guys. Hmmm... I thought he was serious till I watched this video. Now, I just think he's out to become famous by stirring up a hornet's nest. What do YOU think? Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

On a more serious note, a good friend, Cliff Jacobson of Web Home USA, shared this story with meBreast_cancer_ribbon  the other day. "Exotic dancers' 'stigma' too much for charity" where "The Breast Cancer Society of Canada has rejected the offer of thousands of dollars from a fundraising group of exotic dancers in Vancouver. "

Does anyone else see the ridiculousness in this action? The BREAST cancer society, of Canada, is objecting to taking money from women? Women who... dance? This is because... ??? I don't know. It's ludicrous. These women are offering to GIVE $$$ to a charity - they aren't stealing the money; it isn't ill-gotten gains; they will likely show off their breasts (Albeit encased in proper attire - I see no indication they are belly-dancing in the nude, and what if they were? What's wrong with that?); and attract enough attention to raise a significant amount of cash.

This is anti-marketing to women. The very folks the Breast Cancer Society should be embracing.

I'm flabbergasted. 


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Lena West - xynoMedia

One word: wack.


Wendy Maynard


You've gotta be kidding me!

Don't female exotic dancers have breasts? Topless, nude, or clothed, all women should be able to support and benefit from research to fight breast cancer.

Flabbergasted too, Wendy

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