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This quote from Katharine Hepburn (my second favorite actress, right behind Audrey Hepburn), is quoted here, saying, "I find a woman's point of view much grander and finer than a man's."

With that in mind, I will now participate in a tag-game. Kristie Tamsevicius of WebMomz, tagged me the other day - with this requirement: "5 Reasons Why You Blog." Read Kristie's reasons here.

Kristie, for you...

1. I blog because I can. Well, that's not very informative, is it? What that means is - blogs are such a user-friendly way to have a powerful web presence, I would be crazy not to take advantage of the opportunity. It's an opportunity to share thoughts, meet new people, and create community. All things we ladies love to do - online or off. By blogging, I extend my circle by thousands.

2. I also blog because it's a way of promoting my skills and my business. I try to include the kind of information that will help others market to women online, more successfully. On other blogs that I contribute to, I write about books, or pets, or blogging. In each case, the blog is a platform - meant to convey a message. A message I would not be getting out to the right audience, in the kinds of numbers I am, any other way.

3. Let's see - why else do I blog? Because I'm a writer. It's inherent in my nature to write. My blog(s) give me a reason to write.

4. A very important reason I blog is because of wonderful people like Kristie. How else would I have met her? And been introduced to her great blog(s)? By blogging, I not only meet Kristie...I get to build a friendship. It's not just a letter or a note, asking for something (which I get in droves from PR firms)...the give and take is a conversation. With someone new. Lucky me!Can_i_write_about_you

5. Last, but certainly not least (sorry for the cliche'), I blog because I like to read. Blogging connects me to other people who blog -- who introduce me to new ideas, new friends, thoughtful insight into  home, family, Mom, women, men, business, name it. I could read all those blogs without blogging myself...but, that would be a one-sided conversation. I like the give and take of blogging. I write, you comment. You write, I comment. Sometimes - we continue the thought in a blog post of our blogging about you blogging about me, and vice-versa.

We'll be talking about all of this next Tuesday, here in Rochester, NY. Tom and I are giving a seminar on blogging, "I Link, Therefore I am." We hope to introduce the power of blogging to more local businesses. See more information at the link above.

Now...Susan, Simona, Dave, Cliff, and're on. Share 5 Reasons You Blog with the world.


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Shelley-Ann West

Hi Yvonne,
I like your number 2 reason for blogging - I also blog because it's a way of promoting my skills and my business. I have found the same to be true. I look forward to reading more interesting topics/post on your blog in the future.


Lady Samurai

Hi Yvonne,
I really like the reason you gave in #4--"give and take is a conversation. With someone new. Lucky me!" With all the isolation that can occur with owning a home based business and working out of one's home, it is nice to be able to connect with someone new through blogging.

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