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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

I refuse to talk about Anna Nicole Smith. Or Britney Spears. Or even mardi gras.

I'm sure all three topics are getting plenty of coverage - I can't turn the TV on without seeing a storyFrown_face  about one or all of them. [would LOVE to talk about Barak Obama...but it isn't time. And, this isn't a political blog.]

Is this what will get your marketing to women online campaign off the ground? Borrowing from the sensational stories of the day?


Be true to yourself and your customers. Look at your products and services and concentrate on making them remarkable. The stories in the news aren't worth wasting time on. Your women customers want to know what you're going to do for them, today. They want to know if you're going to make their lives easier, simpler, or more convenient. Sometimes that means supporting their families and friends. Sometimes that means supporting Mother Earth.

Most of the time it means staying far away from gossip and trite stories created to merely titilate.

Think: family, environment, health, babies, pets, and weather. Find a way to weave components of those into your message - and you'll grab the right attention. Which will grab the right women.

Being female-friendly is found in the pursuit of discovery. Discover whole new worlds right here on Earth - on your store floor, in your backyard, at the corner coffee shop. Your women customers are eager to help you. Are you asking for their help?


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Mary Schmidt

I second that one. I'm so sick of hearing of all these pathetic people. Last night, Joe Scarborough spent about 1.5 minutes on a killer asteroid that's headed our way...and then about 10 minutes on Anna and Britney. This included an interview with the hairdresser that watched while Brittany shaved her own head - and she held up the hair! I was so appalled I kept watching. But, were they getting quality attention from me? No. They were getting "I can't believe how low you've sunk and you've lost what little credibility you had" attention.

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