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Saturday's Links to Consider

Sometimes the best marketing to women online is in the sharing. I'm fortunate to have an overflowing email box full of good things to share, about women, for women, to women, from women. I hope you can use the content in this blog to increase your marketing to women - either by sharing the information here, or by utilizing it to spark new creativity.

For today, I was going to post an interview - I have several in the que waiting to see the light of day, but... I decided to revisit some important links with a focus on women.

Not too long ago I had the great fortune to talk to Jennifer Kushell from I have much more to say about Jennifer, and much more to share - in a future post. But, I do not want to allow more time to pass without passing her new website along to you. This is a creative endeavor that serves society on many levels. YSN stands for Your Success Network. The goal is to help entrepreneurs, specifically young people between 19-34 (non-gender based), build success in their lives.

There is too much on the site to share here. You must go visit it yourself and take some time to explore it. I spoke with Jennifer, the founder, a few weeks ago... In her words, "People hop on new trends so fast - but there is a gap here. I'm worried about people just hopping on board to make a profit. Our goal is providing real value. We take the future very seriously."

As such, Jennifer has a place on the site where YOU can become a mentor. That's real value. As iKatherine_hepburnt says on their Tools & Resources page, "Feed your need for knowledge with our vast assortment of YSN Tools & Resources. We'll take you from where you are to where you want to be."

[couldn't help using this pic of Katherine Hepburn in her heyday - she's the epitome of a successful woman, to me.]

My next link is from This is "the fastest growing workforce demographic", according to their site. It's professionally created and very female-friendly. Women will immediately be drawn in to the site by the confident, smiling faces of the women in the header. Most impressive is the image of one woman leaning over the shoulder of another, pointing to something on a computer screen. Are they shopping? Researching? Looking a photos? Visiting the piano-playing cat on YouTube?

It doesn't matter. They're both smiling and obviously enjoying what they're doing. More smiling, happy faces can be seen on other pages of the site, also. These are sincere smiling faces... women that make you want to know more about them - and about Women @ Work. Their blog needs some work... it's sporadic and not very eye-catching. With no blogroll. [ladies... I can help... email me.]

One of the areas that may be helpful to you, or someone you know, is the Job Postings page. I clicked through and saw a number of interesting, exciting opportunities.

These links are just a few of the exciting women's groups online working to create a better world. If you are in tune with that thinking, you might want to connect with these groups and see how partnering could benefit you both. 


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