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What Do Women Want?

We want it all, of course. Just look at this:

A Community for the Boomer Ladies - ", launched last month, offers news, blogs and tips on health, fashion, family, finances and fitness - all geared toward "women of a certain age." The website grew out of a Kansas woman's weekly column on her own midlife misadventures and the challenges and humorous happenings of being a female over 50."Best_actress_helen_mirren

The Oscars tribute - finally - to women over 50. Helen Mirren kicked butt by winning Best  Actress and looking so young and delightful, it had to warm hearts other than just mine. Not sure what she had on her feet (I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous dress and those sparkling eyes)... but, Payless had a presence keeping pace with the fashionistas of the Red Carpet. Check out these shoes...

And, while I'm at Blogher in NYC (talking about marketing to women online) - there's a great Boomer conference going on in Las Vegas. Marian Salzman, executive vp and chief marketing office for JWT, is keynoting the conference. She says, "Today 50 something represents a sense of liberation that borders on revolutionary." She promises 10 "shockers" about 50 somethings in the world today. Gad, wish I could be there and at Blogher!


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vaspers the grate

Forgot to say it's at


vaspers the grate

I think women want to shop by celebrity, brand, style, trend, etc. and now they can. I just discovered Like: Visual Shopping.

What do your readers think of this amazing ecommerce women-oriented site?

Yvonne DiVita


You are so right! I should have said vibrant - because that's what I saw. I used "young" to describe what I saw as her energy, her excitement, and her sparkle. I actually hate mentioning the 'age' thing, but it's a fact of life. We are judged by our gender, our age, and our status in the world.

Because our society is focused on youth (that's why Dove is doing all those ads), a part of me wants to embrace the word young and make sure it applies to anyone with the right attitude (like confidence) - which will show in her appearance.

Does that make more sense?

Kerch McConlogue

You said:
Helen Mirren kicked butt by winning Best Actress and looking so young and delightful...

I reply:
I get that this was supposed to be a compliment, but geez. Even when we're fifty and fabulous, why do we also have to look young?

The fact is, the older I get, the more confident I get. And I believe that's what makes a great actress, confidence in the work.

I think the whole point of this pro-age thing is acknowledgment that old is not somehow intrinsically "less than" not old.

A slip, I'm sure.


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