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What is Cupid Doing For YOU, Today?

Information Cupid and Valentine's Day is woefully scarce, according to Google. I just did a cursory search, mind you, but it really surprised me. Every site I clicked into - from page one - had the SAME story, over and over. No variation. There's no way to discover (without far more time and research than I have an inclination to do) where this originated from. Mind you, none of them seem to be wrong... but, none of them took the trouble to find original content, or to look at more than one description and then write their own content.Cupid_psyche


Therefore, I choose not to relate the story of Cupid, as I'd hoped to do - but I will share some interesting stuff with you, on this all important RED HEART day of kisses and roses and candy and diamonds.

First of all, you are all aware, I hope, that marketing to women sometimes means marketing to men? And, in the end, what you're doing is... marketing to people? With that insight revealed, note that BIG Research reported (in November 2006) that, "Life Events Precipitate Purchase Behaviors."

Obviously this fun and romantic holiday is planned...well in advance, so you marketed the heck out of it, right? You offered the gals something new and exciting for their men, like this neat tool from Loggerhead Tools - designed for the hearts and flowers day. Their come-on, "Loggerhead Tools wants women everywhere to be heroes this Valentine's Day." Awww...

And, you remembered that our little friends the Tweens (kids between 8 and 14) are spending money online like... well, just like their Moms! Over at eMarketer, the stats are astonishing with the report saying 20 million tweens are online today and by 2010, 71% of them will be online. The prediction is that they will be responsible for $9.7 billion in spending. (and $9 bill will most likely be their parents' money! JMHO)

So, back to planned marketing and sales. Are you making sure you're keeping up with life-changing events? With holidays - ALL holidays, not just Christian ones? If your products and services lend themselves to people in transition, from a job, a home, a marriage, whatever... you should be using those moments to get your message out.

Even better... for moments like this - Valentine's Day - be different. Have an AFTER Valentine's Day sale... that will knock our socks off. Remind the world that love is all around us, all day, every day!

Then, give us some love.


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Liara Covert

In speaking with a woman in front of a Melbourne jewlery store, I learned she had invested in a rather expensive ring in honor of Valentine's Day. She confided to me that it was getting sized and her boyfriend didn't really know what to buy her. She planned to give him the bill. I find it strange that the whole idea of gift giving has changed. Partners increasingly tend to devalue the joy of surprise by purchasing their own respective gifts and simply inform the partner later about what the person didn't know he/she had bought. Times are changing. So much for flowers and candy? Some men even forget cards or don't realize the positive impact of basic gestures which cost very little.


Here's a great tool to spread your love, it's talking avatars which are animated by your voice and can be sent as an e-card, free! :)

Enjoy valentine's day <3

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