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Why You Too Should Care About YouTube

by Guest Blogger, Lena West

Every now and again, I come across content that has potential positive (and sometimes negative) implications for growing business-owners but, the information is buried in some obscure research paper or, in this case, a Google press release.  I'll try to bring these kinds of things to the surface more often - especially as my company shifts its focus to helping businesses put all the social media puzzle pieces together - because being able to extrapolate what these bits of information mean to you is the difference between being strategically aligned for growth and spinning your wheels.

Googleyoutube I read this statement in a Google press release: “Over time, Google Video will become even more comprehensive as it evolves into a service where you can search for the world's online video content, irrespective of where it may be hosted.”

Google has already demo'd this idea with AdSense video a few weeks ago.

What does this mean to the growing business-owner?

Simple. As Google 'ramps up' Google Video, they’ll be looking for content to index – lots of it. Yep, more than what they have on Google Video and YouTube combined at present.

And, it’s a safe bet that because Google's goal is to index LOTS of video content, virtually *any* video content will be indexed pretty quickly. Couple this with the fact that now video is SO easy to create and upload...the hand-writing is on the wall.

STILL not getting it?

If you’ve ever considered adding video to your web site or launching that vlog (video blog) – now’s the time.

What are you waiting for?  A personal invitiation?


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Liara Covert

What you say about Youtube makes a lot of sense. I'm in the process of learning to embed video into my website and I sense it will add to the overall positive impact of what I do. It goes without saying that staying ontop of innovation development has many potential benefits and spin-offs we don't even see yet.

Lena L. West - xynoMedia


Thanks for asking.

Heyyy, these questions are ones that I get paid to answer...if I tell you, I'd have to make you cement shoes :) Just kidding...answers below.

Yvonne: Do you have any hints - or advice - on video production?

Lena: Don't try to be too slick. If you're a smaller company, be comfortable with that and let that show. Don't forget to be on-brand. And, oh yeah, please don't make a commerical.

Yvonne: Just wondering on time length: is less more?

Lena: Yes, there's an ideal length and this is primarily dependent upon your target market. And, yes, less *is* more.

Yvonne: How about content, for a business?

Lena: This depends on your target viewership AND what your goals are. If my firm were to work with you, we'd help you develop an 'editorial calendar' that fits with where your company is headed.

Yvonne: Can a video be casual, like a blog?

Lena: It should be real and on-brand...if that means casual for your business, then, yes. Again, if my firm were to work with you, we'd help you figure out what "real and on-brand" means for you in terms of online video.

Hope this is helpful!


Yvonne DiVita

Lena, this is timely advice. Do you have any hints - or advice - on video production? Just wondering on time length: is less more? How about content, for a business? Can a video be casual, like a blog? What are your thoughts on those issues when considering vblogging? Thanks!

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