Lessons from BlogHer Business:
Focus on the 'I' AND the 'R'
Marketing to Women Online Goes Dickless

Blogher Follow-up:
The Rock and Roll of it All

There is no possible way to relate the entire Blogher event. I know there are talented bloggers across the universe blogging about it, so I'll just add my two cents here. Atoasttowomenbloggers

If you're interested in social media, if you're interested in the woman's voice in business, if you're interested in making whatever you do successful - you need to embrace Blogher. More importantly, you need to start preparing for next year's Blogher Business Conference because there is no doubt it will rock and roll even louder and more powerful than this year's event.

Like Lena, I met and connected with a dozen (no, more like two dozen) old friends... and made some truly outstanding new friends. Outstanding is my word of the year, BTW. You'll hear me use it a lot in coming months. Here are a few of the best-buds I had hugs with:

Susan Getgood - finally got to meet her son and her husband - testament to Susan's intelligence (they were 'fun' guys... albeit, Douglas, her son, was a pistol - what a smile!) She knows her stuff and she isn't afraid to tell it like it is. And, she still manages to be a great Mom and wife.

Toby Bloomberg - Wow! Toby is the most dynamic woman in the blogosphere. She's the cat's pajamas... as some of us might say. Top of the line in social media. Toby asked some great questions of our panelists.

Mary Hunt - another go-getter. Mary's book In Women We Trust is just the tip of the iceberg (yes, my publishing company produced it)... her blog is a must-read, and getting to know Mary will open your eyes to... some important issues we should all be paying attention to.

Marianne Richmond - quiet but thoughtful. Marianne seems to be a deep-thinker. I need to sit down and have a good talk with her...well, really, a good listen. She's wise beyond my experience - as evidenced by her so-excellent blog writing.

Jory and Elisa - the founders of the event; these gals are top-notch - and look good up on stage, too. They understand the woman's focus, and how it includes the men in our lives.

Elana Centor - The penultimate reporter - I think she listens better than most. Then, she digests what she hears...and writes about it, from HER perspective. Always good content. She surprises me most of the time. I like that. 

Lena West - oh puh-lease! You KNOW Lena is the most outspoken woman on the net! Rightly so... when has she ever given bad advice? Never. She's like that in person, too. And, underneath it all, she's warm, and friendly, and supportive. You are lucky people to get a post from Lena every Monday. What a gal!

Patsi and Denise - The Blog Squad... wish I could have attended their expert table... but I was pretty busy at my own! Get thee to their blog for more and better info!

D-D Flannery - D-D attended with me. She's just recently launched her blog, Good News Gal, and she's catching on so quick! A great PR mind. Watch for outstanding content there... this gal is smokin'!

Okay, this is just a small list of women who are movers and shakers and who answer my emails when I write to them. These women attended Blogher for various reasons - I certainly can't speak to their purposes - but I can say they added value by being engaged in the content, by asking questions, by participating, by being open and approachable (in the best Scott Ginsberg way).

Isn't that what it's all about? More on the conference in future posts... like, a list of outstanding women and men I met for the first time. Hopefully, not for the last.

Signing off...with one last note: Down with Twitter!


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Marianne Richmond


So great to see you again....and thanks for including me in your list! Love to sit down and talk any time, a conversation not a Twitter.

Hope to see you soon!

Mary Hunt

Yvonne - it's so good to see you in person at these BlogHer gatherings. If it wasn't for you, I never would have known about BlogHer and all the dynamic women it joins together.

Yvonne DiVita

Elisa, but of course! Lisa is so outstanding... I was in awe of her. Don't know how I missed mentioning her except... I guess I didn't get my hug! LOL Thanks for reminding us that it's the team, including Kristy - who was marvelous - that really makes it all happen.


Yvonne - You captured the essence of our BBF (best blogger friends - love the term complements of Tim Jackson Masiguy). Thank you for your very kind words. Ooops, need to add one more .. Yvonne DiVita who is one of most generous and gracious women in the blogsphere.


These women sound outstanding...can we know more about them?

Elisa Camahort

Thanks Yvonne! It rocked to see you and to have your expertise on hand for the Ask the Experts segment.

Just wanted to shout out to our third partner, Lisa Stone. Jory, Lisa and I share everything...including making these events happen!

I also want to give a shout out to my new BlogHer event planner, Kristy Sammis. What a difference she made in my life! I actually got some sleep and attended some sessions, all because she was a rock of efficiency and calm.

Thanks again Yvonne.

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