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Marketing to Women Online Goes Dickless

I'm preparing for a speaking engagement that will happen next week - back in the Big Apple. My best Jill_lajdziak blogging bud Ask Patty's Jody DeVere asked if I'd give the Women's Automotive Association a taste of my unique Dick*less Marketing viewpoint and I couldn't resist. [congrats to Jill Lajdziak, 2007 Spirit of Leadership Award Winner]

The New York Auto Show at Jacob Javits Convention Center will be happening at the same time (funny how the women's automotive association is meeting during the auto show, huh?). Maybe Tom and I will check out a new car.

As I do my background research on the automotive industry, reflective of women and our car shopping nightmares, I'm learning a whole lot about marketing to women online. Because the online world is HUGE in the auto industry - for researching your next car purchase. In fact, it's imperative to the female gender.

We all have stories we could tell...Ask Patty is eager to hear them, btw... and we all love telling them. But, I, for one, would rather tell a good story. I'd rather give a compliment than complain about poor treatment. I'd rather have a good experience, than a bad one.

Why won't car dealerships treat us right? Isn't our money just as good? Since we make the major purchasing decisions in the household, or at least influence them, shouldn't car salespeople be eager to see us drive up and start looking in the windows of the cars they have on the lot? I guess we need more ladies in charge.

Truth is - car buying is still considered a male purchase. There are more men than women in the automobile industry. Women just don't like going shopping for cars. A major reason popped up on the Road and Travel site, which said, "The data shows women and minorities typically pay 2 percent (as much as $500) more for cars than do White consumers when buying automobiles at a dealership. The same study also found that women pay more than men do when buying cars at dealerships."

So...there you have it. Women get no respect at car dealerships. We need more Turning Point Auto Agents and more Ask Pattys.

I'll let you know if that holds true with the group I'm speaking in front of. I'm thinking the car sales'men' are clueless because... well, they don't know what women want. And, women have a hard time telling them. I guess we could all use a bit of Consumer Reports.

Stay tuned. I'm pretty fascinated by what I'm learning.


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Carolina Event Planning

Have to admit your headline grabbed by attention as I perused the blogs. Although I am a man, I can see your point about the need for change regarding car buying. Great blog.


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