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Happened upon this outstanding blog the other day, and just had to share: Women in Business looks relatively new, but it's got content that all women should be reading. Yes, that means you!

I was especially excited about this post on how to be a better speaker, as I'll be speaking in April at  the Women's Automotive Association International on marketing to women (thanks Jody!). The content is from Lois Phillips, someone I hope to make friends with, if only by email. [unfortunately, much of the content on the blog is over a year old... I wonder why she gave up writing it?]

Here are some parts of this particular post that struck home with Woman_at_lecturnme:

"Public speaking has almost always been structured as a monologue, not a dialogue. The audiences' eyes and ears focus on the speaker, who is expected to have a strong personality and point of view. Women tend to be more conversational and less authoritative in their delivery of facts and a story. They want to relate, are interested in how others feel, and seek common ground. These are admirable qualities in intimate gatherings and useful in presentations, but being a public speaker or leader requires a more assertive communication style."


"The truth is that even when women achieve position and status, women speakers need to gain credibility before they are believed. The voice of authority has historically been and remains a male voice; think John Wayne, Lee Iacocca, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. Men start with credibility as leaders; women have to earn it."

Have you ever felt that way? Are you treating your women customers that way? How does this impact the way you look at women in general? Lois has more excellent content on her blog. She's sharing in the most open way possible, even if the content is 'dated'. Go over and check her out because the message is timeless.


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