Marketing to Women Online Goes Dickless
Marketus Interruptus & Second Life DOES 'Work'!

Words are not the use, just excuse

I am so appalled and angry over what I am about to relate that words are of little use... others have written better and more poignant responses - therefore, I will link.

The blogosphere has suffered a serious setback - more than a black eye, more than a punch in the gut - if this is allowed -- I cannot fathom where it will lead.

Be aware, readers - and be afraid.

Death threats are to be taken seriously.

Misogyny is to be taken seriously.

Free speech is not the issue - the issue is one of respect - one human being to another.


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Yvonne DiVita

Mary, I totally agree. What I meant by 'afraid' was that we should be 'aware' and 'cautious'... but never, never give up! You are right on with your comment that we not act like victims - and keep on blogging.

To point, I am apalled at the lack of blog response to this - not that it happened. Sad to say, the world is full of miscreants. I tried NOT to give this one press, instead by merely linking to the story...but not going into a detailed account I hoped it would bring the right attention.

That fine line is a difficult one to walk, isn't it?

Mary Schmidt


I too am utterly appalled. However, I respectfully disagree. We should NOT be afraid. That's all it takes for the jerks to win.

One of the first things they taught me in the down and dirty self-defense class was to not act like a victim and in fact be aggressive if in a threatening situation.

So, let's all keep blogging with a smile on our face and a (virtual) fist behind our backs. We simply will not tolerate this type of behavior.

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