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5 Things I Do To Be Successful

My good friend Susan Reid, who is also a book client (GREAT book coming out in the fall), has a blog called Alkamae that says, "We Understand that even Samurai need teddy bears." It's a great place for thoughtful, inspiring content. This week Susan wrote a post titled: 5 Things To Do Every Day To Be Successful.

She said she likes walks in nature, and journaling, and laughing, among other things. Read her post - it's a keeper.

Then, she tagged me and a few others to write about 5 Things We Do To Be Successful, Every Day. That's a hard thing to figure out - when you're going great guns day in and day out, as I am. But, I got to reflecting on my life over the last few years, and how wonderfully successful I've been and I decided that maybe something I do could help others. So, here I go...

5 Things I Do Every Day To Be SuccessfuPaul_simon_album_surprisel

1. I get up. That's a smart-ass answer, isn't it? But, I do more than get up. I wake up and I embrace the day. I remind myself of all the great things I have - a nice home, a guy who loves me (even as I get chubbier and chubbier!), three kids that are totally awesome, a dog, a cat, a career that is fun and profitable (well, it will be profitable, soon!). And, even though I have some minor health issues, I'm pretty well off. The world is great big diamond, as far as I can see.

2. I don't expect anything. I especially don't expect anything BAD. I might joke about it - "Oh, look... I'm in the longest line again." Or, "If I take the expressway, there's sure to be a show storm that will make me late." But, that's in fun. I try to keep an open mind about the world, about the weather, about my work, and about people. I let life surprise me.

3. Like Susan, I walk. I walk my dog every day. She likes to blog, too, after all. Walking the dog is more than exercise. It gives me time to think about 'things.' Sometimes I start the walk fretting about the day - too much to do, not enough time to do it - and end the walk having solved that problem. I really like the cold wind in my face, and the sun on my shoulders. On rainy days, I congratulate myself for just getting out the door!

4. Every day - each and every day - I try to help someone with something. I try to be available to answer questions about publishing, writing, blogging, and even, just about life. I don't know it all...nor do I pretend to know it all, but I am happy to share what I do know. Yes, I usually get paid for my expertise and knowledge - but, giving it away once a day, to someone who needs i,t makes me stronger and happier. And, more successful - because the truth is - I always learn something new in the process.

5. The final thing I can share about what I do every day to be successful is that I connect with someone I admire. Someone that I'm not likely to ever meet in person. Someone who wouldn't know me from the lamp post on the corner. I write to this person, or visit their blog, and just say Hi! And I openly admit how much I admire him or her. That has brought me more fortune than anything else. Because many of the people I've written to have become friends. They may be long-distance friends, but, they're friends.

It doesn't get better than that.

So, what do you do to be successful, every day? Eileen? Dave? D-D? Suzanne? Steve? Larry?


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Tina Dixon

This is great stuff - I really admire your work! Walking the dog, my new next habit! Thanks

Barbara Ashton

Hi Yvonne,
There are no coincidences in life. My reading this morning took me to similar places, and before I head out the door to walk my dog at the park in Deep Cove (Vancouver BC) on a spectacularly gorgeous spring day, I just wanted to say hello, that I think you're wonderful, and thank you for carrying the message so beautifully.

Lady Samurai

Yvonne, I really liked two things, in particular, that you said: that each morning you wake and embrace the day, and that each day you connect with someone you admire. The last one seems like a really neat habit to get into, and the first, I do myself. Thanks for playing!

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